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We're online business strategists, designers as well as engineers who transform shops into beautiful, high-converting, profit machines.
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Are you interested in turning your Ecommerce store into a Turnkey Profit Machine?

When was the last time that an agency precisely inquired what your company goals are? Design, as well as development, are fantastic, however, if it isn't contributing to your company's bottom line, it makes no difference at all.  We build every little thing we perform around your company's net profit. Register for a free strategy session with one of our online business experts to find out why we're unique.

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A Proven Formula to Increasing Store Revenue & Profits
At Idevelopersquare, we assist e-commerce brands in taking advantage of their shops to obtain the maximum level of effectiveness and profit by enhancing messaging, design layout, and automated systems which convert surfers into buyers. In plain English, we help you make extra money.
Increase Conversions
Select boxed or wide mode, content layout, portfolio or product moduls, single or dual sidebars and that’s just to start
Automate Your Ecommerce Store
Build custom pages using a few clicks. Just choose any combination of styled components built to display your site content with style as well as interactivity.
Increase Average Order Value
Logo top Centered, left or right; image or background colour; add a top nav; sticky header; social icons and more custom styling options!
Build Scalable Systems
Customize font, color, size; show or hide by page; aligh left or right.
Increase Repeat Purchases
Regular, top nav, and sidebar menus; megamenus with widget areas; search and shop icons; widget menus; font,color and padding options; add a menu wherever you need !
Seamless Integrations
Pre-footer, footer and copyright area; add widgets, social icons; 1-4 column lay-out; background color or image; custom text liks and more !
Decrease Operating Expenses
Packed with custom options, including layers, multi-media formats, size and location; set unique sliders by page and more !
Create a Predicable Revenue Source
Chose from a number of page templates. Then drag and drop modules to customize your page. Add text and images and you’re done !
Increase Sales & Profitability
Add single, double or no, sidebars throughout your site. You can set them by page or post, or assign them globally.
Increase Opportunities
Comprehensive online store builder that is customised, integrated, and scalable.
We've got the experience to design an extensive, impartial, strategic roadmap for your company's online success - irrespective of your company's existing platform.
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Ecommerce as a System

We construct with your company's entire business in view, to create a firmly built-in experience.


Our multi-channel eCommerce solution lets you manage multiple warehouses with ease. This approach can help you with faster order fulfillment and win the trust of your customers.

Sell products that are not in your inventory. You can hire someone who can drop ship the products to your customers so that you can get more and more satisfied customers to your eCommerce store.

Manage the inventory of n number of stores through our solution. Get to manage inventory from different stores through a single dashboard.

With this feature, you can now track your inventory on the go and update it through your mobile or tablet. Now, experience the freedom of mobile in your inventory management system as well.

Ecommerce Sale Solutions

Square Suite Commerce utilizes your ERP rather than re-creating its data as well as business Logics. Microsoft Dynamics serves as the only source of truth, and your company's online store offers correct and up-to-date information.

SEO & Marketing

Our clients consider our marketing work including SEO as turning on a tap that flows new business.

Paid & Social Ads

Obtain many more leads as well as consumers from advertising using our paid and social ad solutions.

CRM & Chat

CRM and chat solutions designed especially for online business marketers, using an accurate single consumer view.

Marketing Automation

Unite information coming from all your company's marketing channels, and speed up triggered as well as scheduled messaging.

Ecommerce Operation Solutions

Square Suite Commerce harnesses your company's ERP rather than recreating its data files and business Logics. Microsoft Dynamics serves as the single source of truth, and your online store presents reliable and up-to-date information.

Omnichannel & Marketplace

Establish and Optimize Sales Channels Throughout Marketplaces, Mobile, Social, and In Real World.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management Solutions That Are Effective. Effortlessly Monitor, Sell & Ship as well as integrate Your Business

Fulfillment Automation

Minimize Steps, Redundancies, and Resources, Save Your Time via Automation, and concentrate on Progress.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management System End-To-End Supply Chain Solutions For Modern Online business Environment.

Ecommerce Insight Solutions

Square Suite Commerce harnesses your company's ERP rather than recreating its data as well as business Logics. Microsoft Dynamics serves as the only source of all facts, and your company's online shop offers correct and up-to-date information.

Central Dashboards

One Central Dashboard for Each Component of Your Online Business with actionable recommendations, as well as alerts.

PIM - Product Management

No Disconnected Systems From Now On. Handle, enhance and accelerate the syndication of your organization’s master data.

Reporting & Analytics

Automate Your company's Reporting & Obtain the Real-Time Data You'll want to Make Decisions.

Feed Management

Our solutions are built to meet the requirements of shops commencing their sales on marketplaces or shopping engines.

Ecommerce Advanced Solutions

Square Suite Commerce utilizes your ERP in place of recreating its data and business Logics. Microsoft Dynamics serves as the only source of truth, and your company's online store delivers accurate, up-to-date data.

Multi-Store Management

Take care of your inventory, consumers, and content for a variety of selling strategies using a single admin console.

B2B & Wholesaling

Business-to-business e-commerce software which integrates significantly with your company's current systems for smooth scalability.

Product Configuration

Set it up their way. Use a personalized user interface, a self-service admin console.

Customization & Quotes

Utilize your product catalog to produce custom quotes and send these to buyers, together with discounted pricing.

Better results & a Better Process

Ecommerce Growth Driven Process

Along with the results, we realize online store owners such as you worry about the process - considering that it’s you that is going to manage operation and expectations internally. With our company's E-commerce Growth Driven Process, you will get a site live in 30-60 days, generally four times quicker than traditional web design. Which means we get to launch much quicker; the pressure is away from you, and we will start enhancing the site - instead of waiting around.

Methodology for Rapid, Measurable Results
Building Profitable Businesses, Not Just Websites

In keeping with our company's motto, "We build up businesses, not merely websites," we offer big and mid-sized organizations with a wide choice of Online marketing, website design and online business solutions tailored to optimize online revenues.

Find out More about Our Ecommerce Methodology

Profit First Business Models

We’ve been scaling our customer's online store businesses with a profit first philosophy. We don’t provide suggestions or features to advance unless it's going to add profitably or extra to the bottom line of your company's business.

Ecommerce Specific Methodology

Our methodology brings together e-commerce best practices with in-depth business experience throughout many industries and consists of different phases for research and strategy, planning, as well as information architecture.

Many People Trusted Us.
Our Solutions Work with Any Platform

One big reason why our customers revisit: they look at us software partners, not merely software providers.


Big Commerce


Woo Commerce


Custom PHP

Custom ASP.NET

We're Not Your Typical Agency

Growth Focused

We deliberately work with a small number of clients, so you get the one-on-one attention you need. We deliver the responsive support and the ongoing strategic guidance you need to take your business to the next level.
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Trust & Transparency

Dedicated to building your business not just a website. Clients consistently say our strong project management sets us apart. And our ability to untangle technical jargon has also won us long-term client relationships.
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Deliver for ROI

We provide measurable project outcomes, ensuring the ROI is in line with your expectations. We collaborate with you to make a plan, so you can take actionable steps towards reaching your business goals.
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Outcome Oriented

Our methodology was developed to support the planning of ecommerce websites. EOS combines ecommerce best practices with in-depth experience across a variety of fields.
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Top 1% of Talent

We'll help you automate your internal processes, allowing you to push forward the right decisions at the right time. This focus on scalability positions you for real growth.
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Agile Results

We know time is money and we work hard to deliver each feature, or deliverable before deadline. Our flexibility and our ability to flesh out unique business requirements is what sets us apart.
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Some of Our Many Success Stories

That's why all projects at Idevelopersquare start with architecture and discovery.

"Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean"

Client One
Position, Company
"Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean"
Client One
Position, Company
"Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean"
Client One
Position, Company


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Kaz Bigus
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