Custom eCommerce - Acecanopy

About The Project

Acecanopy offers a versatile collection of canopies and canopy tents in different sizes, colors and varieties, such as portable canopies, car canopies, shade canopies, patio canopies for your backyard, canopy pole tents, a-frame canopies which let snow and water fall off easily. Acecanopy strives to bring to you premium quality canopies of all sorts, right from decorative outdoor canopies to heavy duty outdoor canopy tents. Their large selection of products is resistant to the harsh UV rays of the sun and comes with long time strength and optimum quality. Ace strives to bring the world quality outdoor canopies.

Challenges & Solutions

Inventory and order management system were the biggest challenges that iDeveloperSquare faced in Acecanopy. Since everything is highly customized in Acecanopy website, it was a challenge to develop a solution that fitted hand in glove with the batch processing system and order management system as developed by us. The old system of order management of Acecanopy was complex and time consuming and it took a few days to process each order. With the system developed by iDeveloperSquare, Acecanopy is now able to process hundreds of orders per day with ease and even if the order load is heavy. Both the clients and the customers are happy now. iDeveloperSquare also provided Acecanopy with a host of BI reporting solutions like the timestamp report that made them to understand their business model more efficiently.

Technology Used

  • Technology:

    ASP.NET 4.0
  • Platform:
    Microsoft IIS 7.0
  • Database:
    Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • OS Server: Windows Server 2012
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