Bigcommerce Design & Development

Trust the Big people to kick start your online business
  • An all in one online store for all your eCommerce needs
  • Professional and modern theme development and customization
  • Shipping module and payment gateway configuration
  • Blog integration for placing fresh and enticing content on your Bigcommerce store

Come play with the big boys with Bigcommerce

With something as big (and awesome) as Bigcommerce, setting up can get tricky. But don't you worry, we love Bigcommerce! Our professional services will help you set up your Bigcommerce store.

A brand new store

With Bigcommerce development, we build brand new online stores for you. Armed with all that you need to succeed, we go beyond the defaults to give you much more than what Bigcommerce has to offer.

Bigcommerce store design

You have only 5 seconds to catch your user's attention, we make sure they are worth it. With Bigcommerce custom design, we make eye-catching designs that are responsive and high on UX/UI that not only attract but also retain your customers.

Bigcommerce customization

Make your online store work for you. With Bigcommerce customization we personalize and enhance your Bigcommerce store. Your business has some requirements and we cater to those by integrating Bigcommerce Add-ons or developing them if they are unavailable.

Bigcommerce integration

Are your processes scattered all over the place? We unify them with Bigcommerce integration. Is selling on other channels becoming hard to keep a track of? Well, we can even integrate other retail channels like Amazon or eBay with your Bigcommerce store and streamline the process.

SEO & marketing

Attract useful traffic in huge numbers. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts optimize and market your Bigcommerce store using both paid and unpaid ethical methods to divert relevant traffic to your website. Boost traffic and get more sales by opting for our Bigcommerce SEO & marketing services.

Everything else

We refuse to be stumped by anything. Whatever you need, custom development, migration or even a custom fix, we are just a phone call away. We also offer social media services. We are here for everything Bigcommerce.

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Eye-catching designs that'll make you want to stay

Our main focus is that you get sales, beauty is an added advantage. Fusing aesthetics with technology, we bring to you custom Bigcommerce designs that are beautiful to look and an absolute breeze to use.

Inbound Marketing

Your Bigcommerce store, on big screens and small

37% of consumers are more likely to purchase on a mobile-optimized site. Why give them a reason to leave when all you have to do is give us a call. Responsive web design is our priority. Dare to be different. With Bigcommerce custom design, we design a brand new responsive layouts for your store and set you apart from your competition. Bigcommerce templates are by default responsive but using a template as it is will make you look like any other store using the same template. Dare to be different. Opt for our Bigcommerce design services.

Email Marketing
Love a template? We can work with it for your Bigcommerce store

If you've got a favorite look and want your Bigcommerce store to look exactly like that, then we are your people. We offer Bigcommerce template customization and custom Bigcommerce template design to make your Bigcommerce store look exactly the way you want it to. We customize everything from your storefront write down to your shopping cart to give your users an experience that'll boost your brand recognition. Plus, all our work is Responsive and retina ready to give your Bigcommerce store a High UX/UI. We also pay a lot of attention on mobile first designs.


Avoid manual input of product information with Sumo. Use barcode scanners to input product details for Orders.
There over 450+ features that can enhance your Bigcommerce store.

Find out how we make your store even better.

Complete list of features

Migrate to Bigcommerce

Is your current platform not right for you? Migrate seamlessly to BigCommerce. Whether it's moving to Bigcommerce or a custom integration, we can help you out.

Fix it for me
Is your store facing issues? Find out what's wrong with a free audit for your website. Whether it's a debug or creating a brand new store, if you've got a problem, we can fix it. 
Custom Code

Break the shackles of pre-defined features. We don't just customize your store, we enhance it. Whatever you need for your Bigcommerce store, we can do it for you.

Save time and effort, Integrate seamlessly

Automate Shipping to remove errors

Shipping is a very important part of the order fulfillment process. Automate your shipping and avoid a lot of errors. Automation also saves a lot of time and effort. We integrate shipping management with your Bigcommerce store to make order fulfillment a streamlined process. Features like barcode generator, easy communication with FedEx, UPS and other shipping firms and sending customer emails makes integrating our shipping manager with your Bigcommerce store an absolute necessity.

Find out more about Shipping and Integration

Always stay updated when it comes to your stocks

Now you can manage your inventory easily. Simple uploads, re-stocking notifications and many other awesome features make integrating our Bigcommerce inventory management system with your Bigcommerce store a great idea. You will never have to worry about re-ordering or mistakes in your inventory database. We make managing Bigcommerce inventory easy. Find out more about our Inventory management System.

Multiple Marketplaces, one single store

Sell on multiple platforms along with your Bigcommerce store with utmost ease. Harness the power of established marketplaces like Amazon, eBay or Sears to sell your products. In case you are worried about managing all these marketplaces individually, don't be. With services like Bigcommerce Amazon integration or Bigcommerce eBay integration, we integrate all the marketplaces that you are selling on with your Bigcommerce store and make multi-platform selling easy as pie.

ERP, CRM and all other tools unified

One requires API so that your Bigcommerce store can allow transfer of certain data that a third party requires to function. Working with API's is not easy. That's why, you've got us. We work with BigCommerce API and integrate all third-party applications like MailChimp or any other ERP or CRM applications that you need with your Bigcommerce store to make it more efficient and easy. Bigcommerce also offers several useful add-ons for your online store. We integrate these Bigcommerce add-ons and boost the functionality of your store. All your processes unified into one streamlined process. We are a Bigcommerce solutions development  company that you will love.

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Market your store, Boost your sales

Reach out to your audience and get more sales. Simple.

Become Search Engines' favorite

BigCommerce is great with SEO but only if you use it right. We've got a great SEO team that'll make your Bigcommerce store a favorite among Search Engines. We also do social media optimization for you. Find out more about how we can help you with search engine optimization.

Get traffic in big numbers

You need more than just organic listing to boost traffic on your Bigcommerce store. Go big with your digital marketing campaign. We at iDeveloperSquare handle your entire online marketing campaign and optimize it to increase traffic to your Bigcommerce store. Our solutions give you a great ROI. Try our Facebook marketing and Google plus marketing services.

Convert traffic to leads

While traffic is important, it's useless if it doesn’t convert to leads. We at iDeveloperSquare optimize your Bigcommerce store to give you more conversions. We work hard to convert traffic to leads because at the end of the day, that is what matters. We give you a great conversion optimization services.

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4 Conversion Features
14 Marketing Features
3 Navigational Features

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Responsive/Mobile Friendly Layout
Adv. SEO Optimization
Mobile Friendly Checkout Section
6 Conversion Features
20 Marketing Features
5 Navigational Features
Ecommerce Conversion Tracking

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Responsive/Mobile Friendly Layout
Adv. SEO Optimization
Mobile Friendly Checkout Section
7 Conversion Features
28 Marketing Features
5 Navigational Features
Ecommerce Conversion Tracking

Free! 3 hours consultation
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