We love building websites
We love building

Our Philosophy
Our beliefs give you an insight into who we are

We love eCommerce. That’s what brought us together. We love working with new platforms and learning new things in the world of online retail.

We are big fans of entrepreneurs. It takes a lot of courage to put everything you’ve got to start a business and write your own destiny. We truly respect that and channel all our services in the direction of support and success of our entrepreneur clients.

Innovation is key. Rolling stones gather no moss. At iDeveloper Square, we believe in constant learning and evolution of our talents and abilities. Continual research and development is the key to our success.

We believe in honesty and transparency. We’ve got nothing to hide. We hate robotic communications and middlemen. We communicate with you directly. 
Why us?
There are definitely some benefits of working with iDeveloper Square.

Do it right the first time – Nothing is worse than a messed up online store. With years of experience in

developing eCommerce websites

, our developers get it right the first time.

Experience matters – With over 15 years of experience in developing

custom eCommerce websites

on various platforms, we are well-versed in our field. When it comes to eCommerce and anything related to online retail, we are your people.

Transparent pricing – Our pricing is clear and itemized. We provide transparent, accurate, fixed–price quotes. Even then if anything is unclear, you can talk to us anytime.

Reliable schedules – We realize the value of time and hence rigorously stick to the schedule to ensure timely delivery of your

eCommerce store

We are website development company
and a damn good one too..
iDeveloperSquare is a small part of the iWeb Square

Web development company

that focuses on
open source eCommerce platforms
. We specialize in developing
Custom online retail stores
We’ve been in business since the turn of the millennium- that’s over 15 years, evolving with each new project. Today, we can proudly say that our developers are experts in what they do, guaranteed to give you the best result for your online business.
We have always been very result-oriented and to get good results, a solid process is a must. Over years of developing websites and aiding businesses, we have perfected our process of giving you amazing results. Check out our website development process here.
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