Content Management System

Don't depend on anyone to manage your site content
  • Manage your website content easily
  • Boost the SEO friendliness of your website
  • Switch over to our mobile CMS to edit content on the go
  • Create and easily manage your blog posts using our custom CMS

We make managing your website easy as pie

There are several advantages to opt for a Content Management System (CMS)

NO technical knowledge needed

You need absolutely no programming knowledge to your CMS. If you are comfortable with basic document formatting software like MS Word or Writer, you can easily work on our CMS solution . From adding pictures, links or videos to editing text and pages, you can do it all on your own.

Boosts SEO-friendliness

If your site content is regularly refreshed, then you can rank higher in search engine rankings. Our SEO-friendly Content Management System makes it easy to edit and update website content. It is also equipped with critical SEO functionalities to enable you to add meta descriptions, title tags etc. to make your website Search Engine Optimized.

Allows multiple users & roles

From those who add product pages to those who produce blog posts for your content marketing efforts, there are several people involved in writing your website content. We make it easy for you to add people and roles in order to establish permissions on who can edit or publish on the live site.

Easy site changes & maintenance

No need to toil on each and every page to make maintenance changes. With our Enterprise Content Management System , the underlying architecture is the same so you can make maintenance changes, update the CMS software and add functionality without breaking the site. You can even track the status of the update with a glance view of the status of all content, whether it’s live, being reviewed or a draft.

Infinite customization & integration

The best thing about a custom content management system is the freedom of limitless custom functionality. We build a customized CMS solution especially for you, keeping your needs and requirements. It's tailor-made to fit your business snugly. What's better, is that we can easily integrate it with other 3rd party apps like CRM integration or ticketing integration.

Iron-clad security

While working with any other open-source CMS , the common source-code makes it more prone to data-security threats. We make our CMS with strict security protocols to counter-attack vectors such as cross site scripting, SQL injection, cross site request forgery, session hijacking and brute force password guessing to make your site absolutely safe and secure.

Mobile CMS
Mobile CMS

Stay updated on-the-go with our mobile content management system . A CMS solutions that goes with you. Without any loss of functionality, you can easily manage your website via your smartphone.

Configurable themes

Do you like a wireframe or a theme? We can make it happen for you by implementing a particular wireframe or a theme in your content management system . This will not only boost the UX / UI of your website, it will also make your website look appealing to the visitors.

Blog creation

Easily create, edit and publish blogs for your website as a part of content marketing . You can add images or embed videos in your blog and make it more effective and pleasing. Anything you want in your blog can be easily added and edited.

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Why choose our CMS solution?

Because it's AWESOME! Allow us to elaborate...

It's personalized and you call the shots

It's your personal CMS, we can make it do whatever you need it to. Whether you have one website or many, with our customized CMS solution you won't need multiple CMS to manage them. Only one content management system does it all. Responsive website development , easily configurable website themes, dynamically managed field mapping, reporting, everything; our custom CMS solution does it all. It can also be used as a mobile content management system to access it on the go.

Search engines will love you

SEO rankings are very essential when it comes to marketing websites and for that, your CMS needs to be equipped with certain tools and features. Our SEO-friendly content management system makes it possible for you to dynamically control title tags, meta description & header tags, generate sitemap, optimize page speed, manage redirects and do so much more. It also automatically generates SEO-friendly URL's to ease your task of search engine optimization. Make content management easy with our custom web content management system.

Easily interacts with 3rd party apps

Based on your field of occupation, it is possible that you might need certain specific features or applications to work with your website. Well, that's exactly what we are here for. We customize integration as per your requirements. Let's say you are a doctor and you need you website to book appointments for your patients. We can do an appointment system integration enabling you to book patient appointments and then sync them with your system. CRM integration , ticketing integration, appointment system integration or anything else; with our third party integration tools, we make your website super-efficient and easy to use.

Highly secure and protected

They say "There is security in obscurity", which is true. An open source software possess a greater vulnerability to data security threats because its code is easily available. We believe in obscurity but that is not enough to rely on solely. When it comes to our solutions, we employ strict security protocols to counter-attack vectors such as cross site scripting, SQL injection, cross site request forgery, session hijacking and brute force password guessing. We ensure high web CMS security for your content management system with features such as automated log creation, version backup solutions, deletion approval process and distributed database architecture to name a few. We ensure the highest CMS information security for you website.

Custom solution

A fully customized content management solution

Surely you must be wondering, "Why should I go for a custom CMS when I can pick one off the shelf?" Well, most of the off-the-shelf CMS are great, as long as you are a small company. Scalability is a huge problem. Eventually you will have to add features and patch up 3rd party applications to make your work easier and end up making it tougher. Not only that, your site looks patched up and weird like Frankleinstein's monster.

There's an easier way to avoid all of that- custom content management system. Integrate seamlessly any feature or application that you need for your website. It's also fully scalable. That means our solution grows with you.

You can very easily configure theme, schedule content updates, update blogs, add pictures, manage multiple websites and do absolutely everything you need for your website. What's more? Your websites are responsive. So you won’t have to worry about your mobile customers. With in-built SEO tools and management, you can very swiftly make it SEO-friendly and gain organic visibility. With user management, you can create separate profiles and decide who can access which areas of the website and who has permission to view, edit or publish changes on your website via you CMS.

It's absolutely everything you need for your website. A perfect custom content management system that we build only for your business and business operations. 

SEO friendly platform

Equipped with everything you need to rank high on search engines

There's no doubt about the fact that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important parts of any website. What's the point of making a stunning website if your users can't find you? While there are other ways to drive traffic to your website, organic search listing still remains a priority.

Meta description, title tags, meta tags, header tags and keywords play an important role in determining search result rankings. With our custom content management system , search engine optimization was never easier. You can dynamically control meta, title and header tags, edit image and file names and pre-define optimization rules to any active. not only that but you can even manage you 301 and 302 redirects, create a custom 404 page and do everything you need to ensure SEO-friendliness of your website.

Our CMS solution automatically suggests URLs that are SEO friendly and works with Google Sitemap Generation to draw up an entire sitemap of your website. That way you are aware of exactly what pages you have and what pages you might need in the future to expand your website.

Also, if you regularly refresh your website content, Google recognizes it as a valid and active site and ranks it higher in relevant searches. The basic idea of a CMS is to make website update easier. The whole idea of content management system is SEO-friendly.

It's an enterprise content management system that makes managing your business a whole lot simpler.

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Do much more independently with your CMS

Why depend on developers when you can change so much about your website on your own?

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Manage your entire website in no time with our Website Management System

Manage your website pages effortlessly with our web content management system . You can add or modify contents of you website with utmost ease. Our custom CMS is equipped with not only web content management services but also design management and dynamic event management. You can create and schedule an entire theme for your website during the holiday season and appeal to your audience emotionally. There is so much more that you can do.

You can even easily manage the embedding and upload of documents and images on your website. Even if you don't want them on your website but need them to be in your CMS for back-end purposes, it is possible. With user control document management . You can even specify roles and permission to the access and modify those documents or images and specify user control. The CMS also has automatic change log & backup features that can be useful in tracking changes on the website.

  • Theme/ content scheduling
  • RSS generation
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Categorization and sequence management
  • Promotional banner management
  • Document management & Image management
  • User control document management
  • Change log & backup 

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Manage multiple user accounts with our User Management System

Everyone in a company is neither at the same level nor has the same responsibilities. While your content marketing team would be concerned only with blog creation, the management team will need access to the entire site. With user management services , we add multiple users to you CMS but each with a specific profile and permissions. That way you can control who can view, modify and publish different parts of your website. You can even track user activity with user activity track management

  • Multi-user management
  • Add/modify user permissions
  • User activity track management
  • Assign user roles

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Stay updated about your website with advanced CMS reporting

Reporting and overview is one of the very important aspects of managing a business. Future strategy is usually devised based on performance of the past. You can review your activities and performance of the site with CMS reporting . From lead reports to redirect reports, you can get everything that you need to know about your website. Optimize your website performance and manage your team's activities with the help of these reports. Everything you need to create an effective strategy is available via your content management system.

  • Page log visit
  • CMS search report
  • CMS redirect report
  • 404 report
  • Lead report

System upgrade

Our Content management system is a scalabilty support CMS. Our CMS solution grows with you. Plus, we make our solutions keeping the future in mind to reduce the need for frequent upgrade. If in future you need any sort of a system update, we are just a phone call away.


We offer on-going maintenance services for our CMS solution. Whatever you might need- real-time insights, CMS customization, user management system etc., we can provide you with it. We fix any and all performance issues with our content management system.

24x7 Customer support

Our customer support team is dedicated to serve you round-the-clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all round the year. You get complete web content management support whenever you need it. Our phones at iDeveloperSquare are all set to ring but they hardly ever do.

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