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What is

Product Feed Management

  • Business owners recognize the fact that it is very important to get their business, and more specifically, their products exposed to a wide range of consumer base.
  • This can be a challenging task. Product feeds are specifically used for this purpose and it exposes the products to a wider market of people.
  • A

    product feed

    contains all the important information about the items or products a company is selling.
  • These product feeds send the information of the products to various comparison sites, search engines, affiliate networks and various other websites that gather eCommerce information.
  • Our

    custom feed management solution

    is specifically designed to give you the maximum exposure in all these areas.
  • Comparison shopping engines are used increasingly by the consumers to get the best deal on the products they are ready to buy.

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Why is it important?

  • Product feeds

    or comparison shopping form an important part of any marketing plan for any online business.
  • Consumers prefer product feeds because it gives them access to a large number of businesses and they can quickly compare the various products, their prices, various features and feedback of a particular product.
  • Due to this facility, they are capable of choosing the right kind of brand or business that suits their needs the best in the form of best product, pricing range and customer service.
  • All this is achieved by the consumer without even walking into a traditional retail store.
  • From the point of view of an online merchant, product feeds are important since they provide them with qualified leads, increased traffic, increased brand recognition and increased sales from targeted customers who want to buy their product or service.

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Tips for
Product Feed Management
  • Two important tips to get maximum advantage from your product feeds is to know your

    product feed

    and optimize keywords.
  • Each shopping search engine is unique in its own manner and the only way to know how each is performing is to do an audit of each website.
  • As an online merchant, you have to make sure that your feeds are sending accurate and timely data for each of your products.
  • By doing a proper audit of the things mentioned above, you will save a lot of time by averting potential problems and increase your ROI.
  • Tools such as Google analytics can be used to determining keywords your visitors use to reach to your store.
  • By researching the keywords that are being used by your competitors will also give you a deep insight about using relevant keywords for your products or services.

Successful shopping feed management is challenging and time-consuming. Let us do all the hard work for you.

iDeveloperSquare's Product Feed Solutions does the trick for you.

Various Shopping Engines
You can now syndicate your

product data feeds

and optimize your listings to more than 100 comparison shopping engines, affiliate networks and
eCommerce tools
Leverage Conversion Analytics
You can use the power of the inbuilt analytics tool to monitor product performance. Through our inbuilt analytics tool, you can now add powerful options to efficiently manage and get the maximum from your
product feed campaigns
We make selling on Google Merchant, Bing, Amazon, Become, Shopzilla, Shopping.com, Nextag, Pricegrabber, Pronto, Sortprice, Shop.com, Rakuten Newegg.com, Redlaser and many more easier by automatically feed product and inventory updates to the marketplaces.
Hassle Free Management
You can know in an instant how much and where you are spending on your
product feed management
campaigns. Based on this, you can manage all your campaigns effectively and build upon the profitable ones and discard the non performing feed campaigns.
Get Performance Alerts
We are watching your product feeds 24x7 so that you don't have to. Receive timely alerts the moment it is time to change something, i.e. increase bidding, suppress products or increase the number of products to the engines.
Advanced Reporting tools
Managing orders from multiple marketplaces can be a headache. With our product feed management solution, make your life easier by gathering all your marketplace order information and sync it with your
shopping cart platform
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