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What is Omni Channel?

  • The word Omni is derived from the word Omnis which means all or universal.
  • The word Omni channel is with respect to cross channel being done well. For example the mobile app of any business should match the responsive design of the website which in turn should feel the exact nature of the brick and mortar store.
  • Omni channel is about the continuity of your experience. The best way for a customer to perceive everything is to allow them to own their data and experience, and then give them the ability of using it to guide creation and context of any future experience.
  • Omni channel solution means that in exploring and discovering products in your brand domain, the data should be transferable for me to collect and use universally.
  • Omni channel solution also means that customers will give you access to other data they have collected that will far outweigh that value of the limited data of your brand.
  • Omni channel solution ensures that all experiences offline and online should allow an individual to identify themselves and present a brand with the opportunity to access their preferences.

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Omni channel solution for multiple warehouses

  • Omni channel strategy is a must for all online retailers. We create customer focused transformation strategies that fits your business, with roadmaps that deliver benefits all along the way and give opportunities to learn.
  • To meet the expectation of customers for having a seamless experience across every touch point, retailers are overhauling their supply chains, site and store operations, marketing, product labelling and more.
  • Our extensive experience in cross channel integration provides a seamless approach that enables your business to serve customers in a better way.
  • Many retailers have developed into mature online retailers focused on refining their offerings. Our product management experts can help retailors achieve greater growth by identifying opportunities to refine customer experiences and eCommerce operations.
  • Our multi-platform product management solution helps you to manage your multiple warehouses with ease. This leads to a unified experience in order fulfillment so that your customer is satisfied.

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Omni channel solution for drop shipping

  • In an increasingly Omni channel world, availability of products is becoming a critical factor in meeting the expectation of consumers whether the point of service is in store, web, catalog, call center, kiosk or mobile.
  • Online retailers have the task of trying to save every sale and delivering a superior shopping experience that drives customers and brand loyalty.
  • Our drop ship solution enables the customers to complete more transactions across all channels that may otherwise be lost due to non-availability of products.
  • Our multi-channel solution provides real time inventory information necessary to complete the transaction on demand through alternative fulfillment methods.
  • This can be based on the criteria such as highest inventory levels or closest store.

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Omni channel solution for Multiple stores
  • In the present times, consumer experience includes many touch points, an average of ten for every purchase decision made.
  • Consumers tend to allocate a greater share of their wallet to such seamless experiences that includes online touch points.
  • Online retailers need to provide anywhere shopping experiences, deploying an integrated technology platform to provide a disjoined experience to the customers.
  • Allow online shoppers to pick up orders immediately at their most convenient location.
  • Attract new customers, retain loyal followers and reduce online cart abandonment by offering rapid, economical fulfillment options.
  • Extend the facility of allowing shoppers to purchase online orders and handling returns at their preferred store location.

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Omni channel solution for product feeds
  • There are four steps in generating product data feeds for multiple channels.
  • First is to define what you are selling. Online retailers need to think strategically about their target audience and identify the sales avenues most related to them.
  • Online retailers need to understand the requirements of different channels. The most difficult part is to create accurate descriptions that fit the requirement of every product feed channel.
  • Online retailers also need to gather attributes and create one source of product data. Sellers can enter all related product attributes, ranging from pictures to size and weight, once and in one place and then export these products to marketplaces using a template.

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Omni channel solution for different sales channels
  • Maximize conversions and revenue by delivering an easy, engaging shopping experience.
  • Get a cross channel experience, whether in store, online, through social networks or from mobile devices.
  • Offer a single ordering process and cross sell offers to boost sales.
  • Support the complete end to end ecommerce process by our Omni channel marketing solution.

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Omni channel solution that is mobile trackable
  • We offer an Omni channel solution that is trackable from mobile devices.
  • Now track your inventory on the go and experience the freedom of mobile.
  • Meet every requirement of your customer and give a first class experience to them by our Omni channel integration that is mobile trackable.

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