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Our custom eCommerce solutions blends with your online store to maximize the output you are expecting from the business. It's Unique Reporting and marketing advantages makes it a must have solution for any webstore owner.

<h2>Custom eCommerce Featured Projects</h2>
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Half Price Drapes operates two warehouses and multiple ecommerce stores. There was no centralized inventory tracking system to keep tabs on the movements of the products within the warehouses and the stores. In addition, the movement of inventory between the warehouses was cumbersome that gave rise to inaccurate information about the inventory levels at any given point in time. The company was using an ERP system but that was too decentralized, and it had to spend a lot of time updating it. iDeveloperSquare updated their ERP with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and due to this, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is fast to implement, easy to use enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that aids Half Priced Drapes to manage their accounting and finances, supply chain and operations.

Vizio Optic

Managing inventory was the main challenge that iDeveloperSquare faced with Vizio Optic. The main challenges were how to collect payment online from the customers? Another challenge was how to give an option to their customers to buy spectacles with prescription? iDeveloperSquare has provided a one stop solution that fulfils all the criteria above and streamlined the order management system of Vizio Optic.


Before they contacted iDeveloperSquare, Acedeopt didn’t have any centralized system for managing orders and inventory. Due to the heavy load of order processing and management, the staff of Acedeopt was always heavy loaded and busy. Human error chances in order processing were also high due to this heavy load. iDeveloperSquare has provided a centralized system which communicates directly with Amazon and eBay. Now, due to this order fulfillment system, rates of order fulfillment have gone high and there is little scope for human error since entire system has been automated. Staff burden has also become lower due to this system. We have also provided Acedepot with a host of BI reports like highest selling product, highest selling state, etc. so that they can plan their business in a more efficient manner.


Inventory management was a major challenge in the AnimationShop project. A robust backend system was created by us for AnimationShop. We also enhanced organic marketing for AnimationShop which boosted their sales. In addition to this, bad links were eliminated from their website and the link structure of their website was made more simple and efficient.


Inventory and order management system were the biggest challenges that iDeveloperSquare faced in Tarpsplus. Since everything is highly customized in Tarpsplus website, it was a challenge to develop a solution that fitted hand in glove with the batch processing system and order management system as developed by us. The old system of order management of Tarpsplus was complex and time consuming and it took a few days to process each order. With the system developed by iDeveloperSquare, Tarpsplus is now able to process hundreds of orders per day with ease and even if the order load is heavy. Both the clients and the customers are happy now. iDeveloperSquare also provided Tarpsplus with a host of BI reporting solutions like the timestamp report that made Tarpsplus to understand their business model more efficiently.

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Email Marketing

Custom, result oriented & scalable

Ever had a feeling that you are putting too much efforts and getting very less results. Stop trying to control everything and manage multiple stores from one dashboard. Our customer ecommerce solution’s robust security helps you keep your customer’s data. All this and more at just a one time fee.

Inbound Marketing
Omni channel solution

Our Multi-platform product management helps you sync different platform, suppliers and vendors and helps you manage them easily. With more than 200 features our Omni channel Integration puts your store above others functionality wise. Make more of your online business now. Get information on Omni channel Solution.

Email Marketing
SEO friendly eCommerce platform

We have designed our custom ecommerce platform with compliance towards on page SEO best practices to get more traffic and convert more. We provide end to end marketing support for our custom ecommerce customers as well. Our custom ecommerce platform has increased sales of our existing customers by average 14% in the first three months.

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Inbound Marketing
Multivariant Product Feed Management

Use our product feed solutions for your multiple sites. It lets you manage feed fields and export feeds from multiple platforms. With real time, easy to use monitoring you can get most out of your research.
Go with experience
Grow your Product sales
Multiple and flexible features to choose from

Inbound Marketing
Hassle free Product Management

Don't get lost in the horrors of Inventory Management. Our solutions keep the approach simple by providing you customized real time Inventory information and variant-wise inventory management. Update your inventory anytime, from anywhere.
Compatible with all the platforms
Get alerts on low stock items
Automatic availability alerts to customers for out of stock items

Email Marketing
Organized Order Management

Order management was always chaotic and always a risk for company image. You have to be sure that you choose reliable solutions for taking care of this particular function in your store. With our experience of 16 years in the field, you can never go wrong. With our Order management solutions you can get-Flexible Omni channel fulfillment options
Sell and provide service across all options
Day end communications with counter parties
Easy integration with commerce system and ERP/Financials

Custom Ecommerce Website Demo & Overview

Custom Ecommerce Front-End
Custom Ecommerce Front-End

Explore our front end and back end processes to get a unique view about the working of our custom eCommerce platform

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Custom Ecommerce Front-End
Custom Ecommerce Administration

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) forms an important part of our custom eCommerce platform. Through CRM you can manage your existing customers and make strategies to retain and bring more customers to your eCommerce platform. Our CRM extends the following facilities:

  •  Customer Login Details (User Accounts)
  •  Customer Purchase History
  •  Reward System
  •  Review System
  •  Customer Based - Special Deals
Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
Return Merchandize Authorization (RMA) plays an important role in both your inventory control and the type of experience your customers have while returning products back to you. Hence RMA forms the core of our custom eCommerce platform. It has the following features:
  • Return Order
  • Restocking Management
  • Ability to separate products that can and cannot be returned
  • Ability to specify a return period
  • Provide an Admin UI to manage customer returns.
Shipping Management

Shipping plays an important role in any eCommerce setup. It is necessary that your shipping process is simple, efficient and hassle free in order to gather maximum customer satisfaction. Our custom eCommerce platform can give you a seamless shipping experience with the following features:

  • Multiple Shipping Method Support
  • Ability to Set Real Time/Pre-define set of Shipping Rules/Rates
  • Multiple Drop Shipper
  • Partial Shipment
  • Tax Management
  • Email Notifications
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How can your custom features help me?

Our custom features have been designed according to different Products and after extensive market trends research. These features will be strategically placed on to specific points on your website to get more business.

How do I market my products

Our work does not stop after creation of your store. We initially equip your store with basic necessities of SEO, after that you can either take care of the Marketing on your own by using the different articles on our blog or you can use our digital marketing services. We have a team of experts who have handled more than 300 projects for Marketing and 90% of the customers have seen significant boost in the sales in the first quarter. Check out our page for Digital marketing.

My business uses ERP/CRM, can I integrate it to my website?

We provide custom solution as well as can integrate third party tools to your website. Any kind of customization with any kind of platform, which is our expertise. Give us a call or email us to discuss your issues and we would provide the best ecommerce solution.

I have a unique product. How can you suggest the design?

We understand that selling a unique product/service can be challenging and so is deciding the website. Our 15+ years of experience in ecommerce and working with startups helped us creating a step by step system for a perfect website for your product/service. From Market research to development to Marketing, we take care of all the aspects of your business. Check out our features for your ecommerce store.

Can you add any custom features of my choice?

You can choose any features from any website you like which you think can benefit your business and we will make sure that we add it to your online store. Email us at

Can you redesign my existing store?

We can repair or completely renovate your website according to your needs and current Marketing trends. See our customer portfolio.

Why should I trust iDeveloperSquare with my store?

We have 16 years of experience in eCommerce development, with our more than 100 seasoned developers and dedicated professional for single projects, we can deliver what we promise. Fill up our contact form and get the quotes.

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