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World brands choose Idevelopersquare

The tech behind this fastest growing company.
Delivering Better Marketing Bundling Solutions .
Powering over 1,000,000 delivered curtains.
Transforming Custom Lighter Sales & Engraving.
They Genuinely Care About Their Client's Success

"They genuinely care about what their clients do and how they can be a part of that success."

- Thomas Kellogg, CEO Parsons Kellogg
Half Price Drapes

We Have Grown 300% Year on Year

"We have grown 300% year on year. I consider them to be honest and a trusted business partner."

- Hasan Lodhi, CEO of Half Price Drapes

Solving Our Business Problems

"I have absolute faith in their ability to solve our business problems, we can count on them."

- Mitch Gantman, CEO of Eyeglasses123

For E-commerce, there is no Better Company

"If there’s an e-Commerce project, I don’t know of a better company to handle it."

- CEO of Abadak
Idevelopersquare is Above and Beyond

"Other developers I’ve worked with have fallen short, but the team at Idevelopersquare went above and beyond."

- Albert Decespedes, CEO of Animation Shops
CCTV Security Pros
They Work Round the Clock 

"They’re highly responsive, deliver all scheduled tasks on time, and work around the clock."

- Gregg Derouanna,CEO of CCTV Security Pros
Income Doubled Compared to Last Year

"Our incomes have doubled compared to the previous year, they are an end-to-end solution we can rely on."

- CEO of Visol Products
A Secret Admirer
Deliver Projects within the Promised Deadline

"They deliver projects within the promised deadline and are able to complete new tasks quickly."

- CEO of A Secret Admirer
Participated in Creating a Vision and Goals for the Company

"It was not just my vision and implementation, but they actually participated in creating a vision and the goals for the company. I am definitely very satisfied."

- CEO of Sleekshop
Three Islands
Stand Behind their Work, and They’re Very Reliable

“They’re a great company, they stand behind their work, and they’re very reliable.”

- CEO of Three Islands
Above and Beyond Expectations

“They went above and beyond expectations. They possess great work ethic and are of quality character.”

- CEO of MMAudio
Lizzy's Fresh Coffee
Their Team Overdelivered

"The quality of their work was what attracted me. Anytime we worked on a feature, their team overdelivered."

- CEO of Lizzy's Fresh Coffee
Team Connection
Business Focus Makes for a Better Partnership

"From my perspective, it’s their business focus that makes them a nice partner to work with."

- Bert Bolick, CEO of Team Connection
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