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Our goal at the end of each project is to have you up and running on your new system quickly so you can start seeing a return on your investment.

We Build Businesses, Not Just Websites

We provide large and mid-sized companies with a full range of Internet marketing, website design and ecommerce solutions geared to maximize online revenues.

Boosting Your Bottom Line
Boosting Your Bottom Line

At Idevelopersquare, we offer a full suite of integrated, interactive services geared at effectively boosting your business. Each of our services, from the design of award-winning ecommerce web sites, to the development of large-scale enterprise systems, to the deployment of multi-pronged search marketing campaigns, is powerful in itself.

Together they reinforce each other to unleash the full potential of your online business, helping you drive sales, cut cost, and improve your bottom line on the Internet and across multiple channels.

Catering to Your Needs  with Customized Strategies

Catering to Your Needs  with Customized Strategies

While our comprehensive service portfolio matches the needs of all our clients, we treat no two accounts alike. Rather, we customize our offerings to seamlessly match the e-commerce requirements of each individual client. First we make sure to thoroughly understand your business, systematically analyzing your target groups and their typical online behavior; then we craft a strategy to effectively cater to their needs.

Leveraging our unique EOS methodology we carefully plan, execute and supervise each phase of the implementation and invariably deliver tangible, measurable results.

We’re Ruthlessly Efficient with your Budget

We’re Ruthlessly Efficient with your Budget

Custom software is expensive and, unfortunately, cost overruns are common in our industry. At Idevelopersquare, we see ourselves as stewards of your budget. In fact, we define a scope of work upfront that matches your initial capital. We never promise more scope than your budget can handle, that’s just dishonest.

Our approach with your money is simple – we’ll make sure there’s enough capital for a strong first release and then try to squeeze as much value as possible out of that initial budget. It’s important to us that the value we provide significantly outweighs the fees we charge.

An Ecommerce Methodology Proven to Get Results

An Ecommerce Methodology Proven to Get Results

With our EOS Methodology , everything we do is about de-risking software development upfront, before a line of code is ever written. Not only do we strive to gain a deep understanding of your business needs, but every team has a plan that’s communicated to all stakeholders.While we’re certainly adaptable to changes in your business or market, we guarantee you’ll never be surprised by cost or schedule overruns after-the-fact. We work diligently upfront, and along the way, to adjust our forecasts so we identify risks and anticipate issues before, not after, they happen.

Obsessed with Your ROI
Obsessed with Your ROI
Anyone that’s worked with us before knows we’re obsessed with ROI. This obsession ensures that we’re always staying tied to your needs. We don’t build anything your business doesn’t need. This takes a bit more time upfront – asking lots of questions, interviewing different people, and proposing multiple solutions. But guess what? Our process works. Remember – custom software is expensive, so if it doesn’t work for your business, it really doesn’t matter.
"They are an End-to-End Partner"

That's why all projects at Idevelopersquare start with architecture and discovery.

We saved money with their team; the company we were with before cost almost double.
"They’re highly responsive, delivered all scheduled tasks on time, and worked around the clock."
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"Other developers I’ve worked with have fallen short, but the team at Idevelopersquare went above and beyond."
Many People Trusted Us.
Our Consulting Service Helps Any Platform

One big reason why our clients keep coming back: they consider us software partners, not just software providers.

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