eCommerce Performance Marketing

Idevelopersquare ecommerce solutions includes a full-service performance marketing agency built with digital advertising experts delivering significant sales growth.
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Double your Ecommerce Revenue

Our plans prioritize items based on effort/cost and impact. They span optimizing your websites and landing pages, testing them for issues and bugs, your content, email, social campaigns, paid advertising, and even your CRM and marketing data collection tools.

Ecommerce Marketing as An Ecosystem

Idevelopersquare uses growth hacking ecommerce marketing techniques to help both startups and well-established companies to achieve rapid and sustainable growth.

Ecommerce Performance Marketing

Our full-service digital marketing agency has experts entrenched across every channel.

Increase Traffic
The foundation of Idevelopersquare’s performance marketing strategy for partners will be our analysis, identification, and targeting of online customer segments. We use cutting edge consumer research to build descriptive audience profiles that inform creative design, merchandising and promotions.
Increase Conversions
In addition to the implementation of A/B and multivariate testing programs, Idevelopersquare offers expert pre- and post-click optimization services throughout all iterations of your marketing message. Our team’s objective is that all messaging is optimized to deliver the right message to the right consumer at the right time.
Increase Lifetime Value
If you want to truly grow your ecommerce revenue, you'll need increase customer lifetime value. Idevelopersquare uses an analytical KPI-based approach to identify profitable customer trends and act on them, recommending future tactics that help achieve increasingly ambitious growth objectives.
Online Marketing Strategy
Data Driven Growth Hacking Marketing Solutions

It’s important to have a defined strategy and action plan based on your marketing and business objectives so we find that it’s important to take the time to understand your business. We’ll then look at what digital assets you have – websites, landing pages, etc. and what digital marketing you have done so far (adwords, facebook, bing, etc.) to determine a proper path forward.

Conversion Rate Optimization
Turn your website visitors into immediate customers

The goal of optimizing conversions is to increase the number of visitors who “convert” and execute an objective such as making a purchase or filling out a form. Even a small increase in the conversion rate can mean large increases in sales, phone calls, or leads. We can help you optimize conversions for your website or digital asset.

We improve Conversions by addressing:

  • Bugs & Functionality Issues
  • Poor Messaging
  • Poor Graphics or User Interface


  • Slow Page loads
  • Insufficient Traffic
  • Navigation Issues
  • Mobile/Responsive Issues
  • Poor SEO Structure
  • Issues with Browser Compatibility
Search engine optimization
SEO Results That Drive Sales

Idevelopersquare understands the fluid algorithms that search engines use to evaluate and rank pages of your website. We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of target keyword opportunities to shape a content strategy that guarantees customers who are looking for your products will find them in the organic results of the major search engines.

At the outset, Idevelopersquare will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your website to identify opportunities for capturing top search engine rankings for target keywords. We will channel that research into site development, site architecture, content creation, links, page titles, page descriptions and product descriptions that support user experience across every performance marketing channel.

Paid Advertising Strategy
Award Winning PPC Strategy, Results are Everything

Idevelopersquare will launch and manage a highly focused, ROI-based search engine marketing campaign that complements the portfolio of terms targeted by our search engine optimization effort. By strategically integrating our paid search acquisition efforts with your natural rankings, we will increase consumer confidence and click throughs to your website.

Our Unique Value Proposition

Our unique value proposition is protecting your keyword investments by testing campaign and ad content alongside the development team optimizing your landing pages.

Your Ecommerce Partner in Growth

As your partner, we are focused on results rather than ad spend. We take no agency commissions on your performance marketing investment.

Marketplace & Feed Management
Feed Management Made Easy

Our Feed Management service takes care for the entire feed management process for you leaving you with real-time analytics and optimisation so you can control your profitability. We help online shops manage and optimise their product data feeds performance in real-time.

Streamlined Ecommerce Feed Management Process

Our management process can be divided into 5 steps described below and almost all are fully managed by us so you can focus on the other aspects of your business.

Product Feed Creation & Quality Checks
Each feed created by us is fully tailored to conform with each channel specifications. We will categorise all items for you and will make sure that all valuable informations which might help to improve your campaign performance are presented inside the feed.
Product Feed Inventory Updates
To make sure you only promote in stock items with the up-to-date prices we will keep updating your feeds as often as needed to satisfy that requirement. It can be anytime from 24h to as often as every 30min. making sure that any click has a potential to bring you a sale.
Product Feed Submission
Our system has been designed to be able to cope with any submission requirements whether its a standard download over the url, FTP or SFTP uploads or even via various APIs thus making sure we can provide any shopping channel with the latest feed as quickly as its available.
Product Feed Performance Analysis
Every single product inside any feed submitted by us is by default fully tracked by our proprietary real-time reporting system providing you with deep insight into how each of your product perform across any shopping channel.
Product Feed Profitability Optimization
In order to make sure your campaigns are profitable on top of our reporting system we have designed auto-optimisation and bid management tool working in real-time to make sure you spend less than you earn thus keeping your return positive.
Email Marketing
Stand Out in a Crowded Inbox

Idevelopersquare will tailor email campaigns for online customers through our preferred email service provider. Perpetual list management and segmentation services ensure high deliverability and customer engagement. Predictive analytics, session abandonment, and trigger campaigns target customers with the highest propensity to purchase at any given time. We’ll assist in the development of offers, messages, and promotions to create highly relevant email campaigns, while also taking advantage of the latest machine learning and AI tools to recommend products to upsell and cross-sell.

Create a Clear Consistent Message

Having your email team in lockstep with other performance marketing channels gives customers a clear, consistent and coherent message that elevates the performance of every digital advertising touchpoint.

Social Media Marketing
Grow Your Store Through Social Marketing

Idevelopersquare develops custom social media marketing strategies that balance a brand’s objectives for social media community engagement, customer service and ecommerce revenue. Cutting-edge social technologies are fully integrated with the Idevelopersquare's solutions, enabling and tracking a universe of social activity around your brand.

Build a Loyal Following with Technology

Idevelopersquare's social ecommerce solutions includes loyalty, refer-a-friend, ratings and reviews and shoppable user-generated content.

Rapidly Grow Brand Advocates

Paid social media is tailored for a brand’s existing and potential fans in the context of campaigns that reach your customer across the multiple channels of the customer journey.

Retargeting & Remarketing
Advanced Site Retargeting

Idevelopersquare will launch custom display advertising campaigns across digital media networks promoting your brand and products. Pre-click optimization and post-click retargeting strategies promote cross-channel continuity, maximizing return on your advertising dollars. Campaigns will leverage retargeting and predictive lookalike modeling integrated with your social and search engine marketing efforts, driving additional returns from a fully-integrated digital advertising strategy.

Benefits of Retargeting

Like other forms of paid advertising, you bid to have your ads shown, but the cost for remarketing is usually quite low. As a result, retargeting is a cheap and easy way to reel in potential customers you might have otherwise lost.

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That's why all projects at Idevelopersquare start with architecture and discovery.

I have absolute faith in their ability to solve our business problems, we can count on them.
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A Faster Path to Growth, Techie meets business
Our Consultants Will Guide You, to Growth

We strongly feel that projects must be well guided from beginning to end by expert consultants having development, design, as well as management experience who can understand both the business functions as well as the technical facets to take care of our clients’ requirements. Additionally, they are going to be your company's primary contact with our team and will assist synchronize the project.

Every one of our consultants come with at least five years of experience and undergo extensive training.

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Our Marketing Service Helps Any Platform

One big reason why our clients keep coming back: they consider us software partners, not just software providers.

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