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eCommerce Optimization

We use a customer-first approach, combining the best of design, technology & analytics to optimize and create beautiful, meaningful eCommerce experiences.
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Optimize your Store for More Sales

Your one-stop shop for business and ecommerce optimization. Our online marketing team drives relevant visitors to your site; our CRO experts make sure they convert.

Significantly Improve eCommerce Website Performance
Performance Review

Significantly Improve eCommerce Website Performance

Get a eCommerce site evaluation and learn what's slowing down your website. Your evaluation, which will be conducted by a Idevelopersquare Performance Engineer, will include a detailed report on your site’s general performance, an overview of images and third party technologies on your site and how they are impacting page load times, as well as best practices on how to improve site performance and online conversions.

Speed optimization

Speed Up Your Site & Increase Conversions

You only have 3 seconds to grab the attention of your online shopper. Studies have shown that if a website page doesn’t load in 3 seconds, 57% of shoppers will move on to another site. After 8 seconds, 47% will not only leave, they will never return to your brand. And every second of reduced load time could get you a 7% increase in conversion. Purpose-built to solve the performance challenges eRetailers face today, Idevelopersquare's proprietary speed solution enables online businesses to significantly improve website performance across all devices resulting in higher conversions.

App Sequencing

Manages the order of execution for 1st and 3rd party applications like personalization, live chat, custom fonts, and recommendation engines, resulting in fast shopper engagement and improved end user experience.

Mobile Optimization

We ensure seamless, consistent performance and experience across all mobile devices regardless of m.site, responsive web design (RWD), and adaptive web design.

Speed Up Your Site & Increase Conversions
Performance Monitoring for Retail & E-commerce
Proactive monitoring
Performance Monitoring for Retail & E-commerce

Digital consumers are driving a major transformation across all industry markets. This is especially true in retail and e-commerce, where digital experience enhances the customer experience, which in return influences your bottom line. Idevelopersquare gives you a  go-to performance monitoring solution for all your digital performance needs, including:

  • Analyze each customer's digital journey in real-time to access satisfaction
  • Proactively resolve problems before they affect your customers
  • Complete insight across all your websites and native/hybrid mobile apps to instantly see issues
  • Providing a common language for all aspects of the digital performance.
Get Insight from our Technical Experts on Your code
technical & code audit
Get Insight from our Technical Experts on Your code

Code audits allow us to analyze your site’s code to determine points of concern or conflict. Once familiar with your code, we can debug, complete future updates efficiently and provide accurate quotes. Code audits save you money in the long run.

The deliverable of the code audit is a document addressing:

  • Current state of the site
  • Recommended changes/requested additions and estimated costs (if applicable)
  • Alternative solutions (if applicable)
  • Other recommendations and next steps
Proven Methodology to Increase your Conversions
conversion optimization
Proven Methodology to Increase your Conversions

Are your customers having a great experience on all devices? Are you continuously improving customer experience to stay a step ahead of competitors?
We provide ongoing support for continuous conversion improvement. Tell us your concerns and your ideas. Depending on your situation, we can help you determine what your site needs most.

Ecommerce Optimization

A/B And Multivariant Testing
Leverage Proven Methods, to Increase Site Conversions

We draw on behavioral research, psychology analytics and ecommerce design to systematically turn your online visitors into customers. We make sure your visitors convert—that they shop, subscribe and want to return. In short, we help you generate more sales from your existing visitors and boost your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Here's How We Do It

We leverage proven methods - like Big Data analysis, machine learning. A/B testing and personalization - to improve the user experience and increase conversions.

How this Will Help You

Generate more sales from your existing traffic Maximize the ROI of your search marketing spend Increase customer engagement and retention rates. Gain a strong edge over your competitors.

Leverage Proven Methods, to Increase Site Conversions
Personalized product recommendations
Artifical Intellegence & PersonalizE
Personalized product recommendations

Ever purchased a baseball bat on Amazon and got recommended a baseball mitt? No need to set the recommendations based on product relations. We will set up machine learning algorithms to find the best recommendations for your visitor based on other visitor data.  Push selected products up the results ranking using English language rules. Deliver timely, relevant upsells & cross-promotions tailored to each visitor’s actions or product criteria.

Advanced Site Search
Smart search for your eCommerce

We have integrated and created custom solutions for smart search in eCommerce. When a customer is looking for a bike, show him a bike, not a bike bottle holder.  Delight your customers with the world's best eCommerce Site Search engine and watch revenues soar 23-94%.

Search As You Type

Far smarter than ‘type-ahead’, our solution's instant search functionality dynamically returns relevant products as the shopper types their query. natural language search technology that adapts to your customers (not the other way around).

Actionable Analytics

Built-in analytics help identify patterns in the way customers search, buy & interact with your website. Go beyond optimization with the ability to identify problematic searches & adjust results accordingly.

Smart search for your eCommerce
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