About The Project

Herbapax is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of superior range of Herbal formulations. The drugs supplied by them are known for their effectiveness, accurate pH level and also longer shelf life. Herbapex is a US based company and is catering to the American market. The sole aim of Herbapex is to provide the general public with an affordable option of an assortment of naturally produced products that contain special herbs and natural ingredients. These contribute in building our health and give us a wholesome diet besides building up our immunity towards infections and diseases. A range of products are available in the herbapex.com website that cater to our various health needs. These products include digestive syrups, turmeric capsules, kidney stone capsules, karela capsules, arthritis capsules, etc. to name a few.

Challenges & Solutions

Product branding, label designing, product bottle designing were part of the challenges that we faced in the project of Herbapex. Herbapex owners wanted an online eCommerce website with B2B and B2C functionalities. Market places integration was one of the other challenges faced in the Herbapex project. The owners basically wanted Herbapex to be a one stop solution for business to get revenue at a constant flow. We follow SCRUM technology to produce best solution for our clients and for smart interaction with our clients. An efficient designing team did the job elegantly for Herbapex. Adopting responsive HTML is a key factor in the website design of Herbapex.

Technology Used

  • Technology:

    PHP 5.2.13
  • Database:
    My SQL 5.0x
  • Platform:
    Apache 2.0
  • OS Server: Linux Server
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