Inventory Management

Inventory Management
Built for Entrepreneurs

Deliver Results to Your Bottom Line on a Daily Basis
  • Sync your inventory with all your backend processes
  • Increase your sales and boost your productivity
  • Generate customized reports on sales and order statistics
  • Our customized IMS helps you to make better decisions
Your Inventory Organized, You in Control
Get a streamlined warehouse and inventory - for all of your eCommerce needs. An accurate

inventory management solution

that gives you the ability to make the

Business Intelligence reports

and help you gain all the insight you need.
Become Pro At Predicting Stock Levels
Know What's In & Out of Stock
Nothing is worse than orders on an empty stock. Don't lose your patience and customers. Predict your stocks in advance with our advanced BI reporting integrated with our custom IMS.
Keep Your Inventory 'Just Right'
Get Transparency in Your Day to Day Activities
Avoid running out stock or overstocking of products in your inventory. Maintain it just right. Optimize your inventory with our inventory and

order management solution

Start Focusing on Your Business and Not Your Inventory
Get it Done, In Half the Time
Automate your entire inventory management with our custom IMS. Take your mind off your inventory and focus on where you real need to focus- your business.
The Expert's Inventory Secret to Being
Capable of Handling 10X Your Current Growth
Synchronize Inventory Levels on All Sites
Streamline your entire process on a single platform. Whether you are selling on multiple platform, you have multiple warehouses, are managing multiple sellers or have multiple points of sale (POS), you can manage it all easily and accurately with our

inventory management system

Target Products that Do Well for You
Generate powerful reports with our inventory management system. Get product performance, order processing, employee productivity and many other important reports with the sophisticated reporting capabilities of our IMS. With the business intelligence reporting tool you can review your performance and devise strategies to be more efficient.
See Real Time Inventory on All Products
Manage your products with absolute accuracy and ease with services like barcode generator and real-time inventory information. At any given time, you can track exactly where your product is in your inventory and save a lot of time finding and retrieving it. Even manage kit products automatically without having to do double work manually.
Get Tight Control of Your Order Processes
You can now easily process phone orders with our order management system. View and modify orders and accept, capture or return payments with our order management system. You can easily keep a track of all your orders. What's more? With our advanced order management systems, managing returns is a piece of cake.
Integrate with Your Shipping Company
Manage and track your shipments easily with our online shipping management tool. It automatically calculates tax, communicates with freight companies, automatically calculates shipping cost and performance various such tasks that if done manually would use up lot of your time. Automate your processes to save time and effort.
Give Highly Focussed Customer Service
Your customer is the most important part of your business. Maintain your customers with our

customer relationship management (CRM) services

integrated with our inventory management system. It takes a lot more to get a new customer than it does to maintain an old one. Review shopping history, offer special deals and keep your customers happy and inspired to shop more.
Integrate All Into One Platform
Any system is useless if it works solo. Our inventory management solutions is very friendly and seamlessly integrates with many third party tools to perform smoothly. It can integrate with other ERP & costing software like

QuickBooks and MS Dynamics NAV

and also easily work with multiple eCommerce platforms like Yahoo or Magento to increase your efficiency multi-fold.
Marketing + Inventory Sync = More Sales
All marketing and promotional campaigns need to be in sync with your inventory for them to perform well. Our IMS possess powerful marketing & promotional capabilities that can increase your sales. Manage newsletters, sales, coupon codes and much more effortlessly with our custom inventory management system.
Built & Customized for You
Our inventory management solution is completely custom. We develop all its features and functionality keeping you in mind so that you get maximum efficiency. Our solution is highly secure and safe with in-built security tools. NO hidden charges or monthly-rentals.
Whatever you need, upgrades, edits or any kind of technical support, we are here for you 24 x 7. 
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Start managing your inventory flawlessly
Every second with a faulty inventory could be disastrous. Get in touch with us now to fix it.
Grow Your Business & Stop Spending All of Your Time Maintaining It
Omnichannel: Prepare to Start Growing Non-Stop
  • Multiple Warehouses
    Manage multiple warehouses for ease in order fulfillment

    multi channel eCommerce solution

    lets you manage multiple warehouses with ease. This can help you with faster order fulfillment and win the trust of your customers.  
  • Dropshipping
    Gain the Power to Drop Ship Your Products
    Sell products that are not in your inventory. You can hire someone who can drop ship the products to your customers so that you can get more and more satisfied customers to your

    eCommerce store

  • Multiple Stores
    Get Better Visibility in All Your Stores: On & Offline
    Manage the inventory of n number of stores through our solution. Get to manage inventory from different stores through a single dashboard.
  • Mobile Trackable
    Access from Any Device & Anywhere in The World: Cloud Based
    With this feature, you can now track your inventory on the go and update it through your mobile or tablet.  Now, experience the freedom of mobile in your inventory management system as well. 
  • Sales Channels
    Always Know What is In & Out of Stock on Every Sales Channel
    Connect with different sales channels like Yahoo, Amazon, etc. and increase your sales and profits.
  • Product Feeds
    Manage your Product Feeds from various sales channels
    Manage your product feeds from various sales channels and let our system manage the data with all the attributes given to it flawlessly.
Get a Inventory Solution that Won't be Outgrown Overnight
Increase your sale and efficiency along with saving time. Manage your products accurately and efficiently with our

product data management system

. Bundling up products isn't a problem anymore. Everything runs as smooth as butter.
Customized real-time inventory information
Know Exactly Where Any Product is in Real Time
Find out exactly where each product is. With barcode generation, not only can you track the quantity of each product but accessing and packing also becomes easy as a breeze. Easy shipping and shipment tracking in real time gives you the exact status of the product so that it doesn't get lost in transit. Know exactly when a product is shipped out and how many of it you still have at hand. 
Keep tabs on your stock in real-time easily with barcode generator and product data management as a part of our Inventory Management System.
Get Transparancy in Tracking - Product Variants
You could sell various variants of a single product based on certain features. Product variants can be based on different characters like size, color, prints etc.
Bundle your product variants to provide options to your customers. In the back-end process, you can manage inventory based on variants of each product individually. Easily keep a track of the product variants available for a single product in real-time. 
Inventory management according to product variant
Kit product management
Keep Track of Inventory, Even when Making Kits
Making and managing kits is a huge part of our advanced inventory management system. Kitting is a great way of selling more and getting rid of the deadstock and make room for new inventory. 
Kit making could get tough but with our smart IMS, kitting is flawless and fully automated. What our solution does is that based on the current quantity of each individual products in the stock, it calculates how many kits can be made and hence displays the same. All you need to do is define the components of a kit and their quantity per kit and the price. Everything else will be take care of by our inventory management solution.
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Manage your products & product kits flawlessly in real-time.
Get in touch with us today to automate complicated processes of inventory management.
Scalable, Flexible & Custom 
Combining Inventory Best Practices with Your Practices
Customized For You
Each business is different. Your business works differently than anyone else's, then why should you settle for a cookie-cutter solution? Our solution revolves around you and you alone.
  • Custom functionality based on your needs
  • Ability to create any feature based on your business's unique beeds
No Hidden Fees
There is no hidden monthly, or transactional fees. Our fees are final, there are no surprise fees. Our pricing system is completely transparent.
  • No hidden monthly fees
  • No hidden transaction fees
  • One time payment
Grows with You
Your business is not stagnant and neither is our solution. As you grow our inventory system grows with you. So you can get the benefit you need, when you need it most.
  • Ability to Add Modules/Features
  • Ability Accomodate Large Inventories
  • Grows with you
Custom Permissions
Breath easy. We give you custom logins to each section. Place different security rules based on the user. So your accountant never sees the same information as your warehouse manager, or he could. depends on you.
  • Custom Security Rules
  • SSL Based Login
  • Double Level Passwords
What Makes Inventory Management so Important?
The benefits of inventory control far outweigh the cost.
Any reduction in inventory can have a dramatic effect on your bottom line
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Inventory and Order Management
Inventory & Order Management

Do you need an inventory and

order management system

for your business? You need one that fulfills all your business needs and requirements and deals specifically with your business? iDeveloperSquare offers a unique and personalized inventory and order management system that will seamlessly integrate all your back-end processes relating to inventory and orders into one smooth process for easy management.
There's a plethora of inventory and order management solutions on the market, but you need one that is suited specifically to your business processes. iDeveloperSquare's custom-built solution is much more than a simple inventory and order management system. 
Inventory & Order Management
  1. Custom built with your store and business in mind.
  2. An all-in-one

    business inventory and order management system

    that helps you increase sales, boost productivity, and communicate professionally.
  3. Enables you to work on inventory data to address customers' concerns and empower your sales channels. 
  4. Works with multiple online stores such as Yahoo, Amazon, eBay or any other Custom and regular

    eCommerce platforms

  5. Designed to track your stock more efficiently and resourcefully.
  6. Enables you to track particular details and obtain high-level insights that create the edge you need over the competition.
  7. Offers customized report generating capabilities for creating reports on sales and order statistics for tracking your stores' growth.
  8. Is built to include every feature or functionality that your business requires.
Win Customers & Give Excellent Customer Service
Manage your customers and their data in a better way through our customer relationship management services.
Customer Database Management
Customer Database Management
Manage the important and sensitive data of your visitors securely. Keep the data handy so that you can refer to you as and when you need the same.
Shopping History
Shopping History
Shopping history forms a important part of any customer database. With our

customer relationship management tool

, maintain this important data flawlessly. Know the shopping pattern of your customers. 
Special deals
Special deals
Give special deals to your customers so that they are inspired to shop more and more from your website. Give them special deals and discounts which boost the sales of your eCommerce store
Customer Review Management
Customer Review Management

CRM services

also have the facility of managing the reviews of the customers. Be in the limelight for good customer reviews and increase your business. 
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Get a flawless inventory management system
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Do You Want to Feel Organized
& In Contol of Your Inventory?
Our Real Time Reporting, and Business Intelligence Gives You an Accurate Picture of all of Your Business at a Birds Eye View. Streamline advanced reporting to consistently make intelligent business decisions 
Identify Slow Moving Products
If a product is sitting in your ware house it is eating up you cash - or reporting gives you the ability to easily identify these products so you can keep them off the shelf - Find out which products have a slow turn over rate, so you can prevent spoiling and outdated inventory
Stop Overselling & Double Selling
With our barcoded inventory system accurately assess demand spikes. Information is always up to date and always current. Our built in buisness intellegence also give you the ability to prepare for seasonal, and strong demand times throughout the year
Know Exactly When to Reorder
With our advanced

Business Intelligence

you can gain the almost psychic ability know the perfect amount of inventory to order, to keep you inventory levels completely balanced
Keep your Inventory Turnover Rate, perfectly in sync so your products never become obsolete or spoiled
End Exel Hell, Enter Automation
Counting you inventory by hand is a thing of the past. Your inventory is synced immediately in real time, so you get to see where everything is and is coming and going. Without ever having to take a formal inventory count, by hand.
Integrated Real Time Accounting
All of your inventory management easily hooks up to you accounting service so you have the ability to accurately assess how all your financials relate to your inventory. Everything works hand-in-hand in perfect harmony to give you the best results.
Get The Useful Custom Reports You Need
Is there something you need that is not listed here? We have create thousands of different

BI reporting

capabilities for clients who need specific reports that benefit there business best. We are sure we can help you with whatever you need.
Get an Accurate Product ROI
Identify Winners & Let Go of Losers
With Our Exclusive Product ROI
Instantly see if a product is addding to your bottom line or just taking up space in the warehouse.

With our exclusive Product ROI:-

Reporting you get a clear view of products worth keeping and not as all shipping, freight and other product related information is added to give you a complete big picture view if a product is performing or not.
Easily get the best shipping and freight cost by seeing a big picture, of whether or not it is worth it considering warehouse costs 
Manage Your Warehouse Flawlessly with
Business Intelligence
Get the Right Stock in the Right Warehouse
Get the Right Stock in the Right Warehouse
Our Business Intelligence gives you the ability to accurately get a top level view to see where the stock levels in each warehouse. With the product performance reporting tool, find out exactly which products are doing well and can easily stock you warehouse for optimal cost benefits.
Orgnaize your Warehouse, Perfectly
Track the Precise Location of All Warehoused Items
advanced order processing reporting tool
gives you the ability to find out which products are selling the most together. You can put those products together in the warehouse to give you speed when picking, packing and shipping. Giving you the ability to optimize your warehouse to be more efficient based on solid data.
Get An Accurate View of Your Employees
End Theft & Increase Visability
Reporting that allows you to find out which employees are performing the best according to time and team. Easily find out if there is stealing or fraud, as the real time inventory allows for up to the minute reports of missing merchandise.
Your Phone, Your Tablet
Update your Inventory Anywhere 
Your Phone, Your Tablet Update your Inventory Anywhere
An IMS that communicates with other systems
Are your processes all over the place? Unify them all with our
3rd party integration
. Make your inventory communicate with all the relevant processes and avoid all the double work and hassle.
Intelligent Dynamic Price Integration
Integrate with
Intelligent dynamic pricing
and show your customers exactly how much they will have to pay with dynamic price integration. Automatically calculate pricing based on quantity, shipping costs and taxes based on the location of the order placed.
Communicate with ERP & Accounting
Get rid of all the double work of having to enter data from your inventory management system to your ERP or accounting software. Our
IMS solution
easily integrates with all the popular accounting software like QuickBook, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and many more. Integrate seamlessly and save time.
Real-time app synchronization
Why do things manually when you can automate it? We integrate your inventory management system with any 3rd party apps that require real-time inventory & order synchronization. Both can work hand-in-hand flawlessly and save a ton of time and effort which you can utilize in better places.                                                
Newsletter application integration
Do you have all your customer email data in your IMS when you asked them to subscribe to your newsletter during checkout? Well, you no longer need to access it manually. We
integrate the newsletter application
with your inventory management system to work with your email database collected at checkout.
eCommerce platform integration
We can integrate any single or
multiple eCommerce platforms
that you might be selling on with your inventory management system. With custom integration like
Magento integration
Yahoo integration
or any other platform, you can sell easily and effortlessly on multiple channels.
Custom EDI integration
We integrate
3rd party applications
with your IMS so that they can work seamlessly and directly without you having to do it manually. With
electronic data interchange (EDI) integration
we make the systems communicate seamlessly. Any app you need integrated, we can custom integrate it with your inventory management system.
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