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  • Third party Magento Integration
  • Cost effective development for any enterprise
  • Tailor made Marketing solutions exclusively for Magento Platform
  • Usage of our knowledge for optimum functioning

Pushing limits of Magento Development

Stay ahead in competition, without bugs, without worries
All equipped Magento store

Looking forward to start a Magento Store? We can help, our extensive experience in multiple platform development would help you to create a store you ever wanted with the features exclusively for getting more traffic towards the website and to turn maximum visitors in to customers.

Creative design for better UX/UI

Our creative designers would create custom designs for you so that you can stay ahead of the competitors. Our Out of the box designs gives your visitors to get a brand experience and drive them towards sale process easily. Our responsive Magento eCommerce designs will provide your customers a smooth shopping experience on any device.

Shine with Custom Features for Magento

Each business is different and so is the approach towards related visitors. We study your industry trends and customize your eCommerce store according to that. We add customized features keeping your industry in mind so you get maximum output from your Magento Online Store. Our work speaks through revenue.

Marketing system exclusively designed for your store

Our Experience in handling Marketing of Multiple industry products puts us in a place where we can design and execute a special Marketing Plan for your product which will focus on getting the revenue as soon as the store will be online. This system consists of Organic, PPC, Local SEO and social media combined to create a buzz for your product before it hits the online platform. Know more in our digital Marketing section.

Inventory Management for Magento

Managing your inventory can be a mammoth of task. With our IMS, you won't have to worry about it. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, you can your gigantic inventory from a single place. We integrate it with your Magento Enterprise store and make managing your business a whole lot easier.

Magento Consulting

You already have an online store but you want to migrate it to Magento or any other platform. Contact us for free consultation and your website audit. After researching your business and your competitors we would advise you the best platform suitable for your online store. Get the free consultation now.

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Designs that attract, Technology that holds

Our ability to fuse newest features of Magento with innovative design helps you achieve the target you always wanted. At iDeveloperSquare, we develop responsive, high-resolution and interactive Magento custom designs that leave your visitors with an absolutely amazing experience. Leave it to our Magento Enterprise developers and designers to give you the store you've been looking for.

Create your website and brand with our Web Design and Branding Services

Email Marketing

Be prepared for mobilegeddon with responsive Magento designs

A lot of visitors these days prefer to use their mobile devices for browsing, shopping and entertainment. If you want to target this big chunk on the market, you have to make sure that your store is mobile optimized.

With our Mobile responsive Magento designs you can be sure that your website looks as good as it looks on the PC. We will design your store for easy accessibility and speedy checkout options for your customers.

With more than 200+ Magento eCommerce templates you can be sure to get the desired look for your store.

Pick your favorite template and make it your own

See a template that you absolutely love? Or do you want to look like your favorite website? Well, the good news is that you absolutely can! We can customize your Magento eCommerce template to look like any site you may like. Not only that, we can even give it your own personal spin to it and make it look absolutely unique and beautiful. We develop custom Magento templates and Magento website designs to make your online store absolutely amazing.

Need a brand new look? Leave it to us to come put our hearts into a custom theme development for your Magento Enterprise store to give your online store an amazing look and feel.

Magento Development You ask for it, we develop it

A new Magento store

Looking to venture into online retail? We develop your Magento store from the ground up. Get Magento Enterprise Development or Community Development, based on your business. Here's what we do:

  • Discuss aims & objectives of the business
  • Chart out required features
  • Choose or create theme
  • Magento Community/ Enterprise Development
  • Launch Magento store


Open Source Customization

We are experts at providing open source business solutions. Magento is an open source platform and that makes it super easy to work with. Absolutely anything you want for your Magento store, we can make it possible

  • Extensive open source customization
  • Open source development
  • Open source integration for 3rd party apps
  • Complete open source business solution
Upgrade my store

Does your store need a Magento version upgrade? We help you keep your store in sync with the latest times. You can get the latest look and boost your efficiency with a Magento upgrade. Whether it's an image make-over, feature enhancement or technology upgrade, we've got your back.

  • Increase your store efficiency
  • Keep up with the latest web design trends
  • Make your online store faster
  • Get round the clock Magento support
Integrate 3rd party extensions

We enable your Magento store to go beyond its default functions to give you increased efficiency and functionality. With 3rd party extension integration, we make managing your Magento store easy as pie.

  • Integrate 3rd-party extensions to increase functionality
  • Work with Magento API
  • Develop Custom Magento extensions
  • Integrate Magento extensions from marketplace
Don’t rely just on the stock features of Magento watch our list of upgrades and choose from a massive selection.

See full features on Magento upgrade

Full Feature List

Migration to Magento

Are you changing platforms? Or do you need a custom Magento integration? We make managing your Magento store extremely easy.

Fix it for Me

Need a custom "fix" for your Magento store? No job is too big or too small for us to take on. Anything you need for your Magento store, we can do it.

Custom Code
Integrations and migration, custom feature development to customized shopping cart development, we do it all. Get in touch with us today. 
More revenue less hassles with our integrated apps

We Help You Get Your Ship Together

Shipping can get pretty tough especially if you have multiple warehouses or sellers located in different cities. Not only do you have to manage the process, you need to feed order and inventory data into your shipping manager for it to pick out the right product and start the transit process. That's a lot of work! We integrate our shipping manager software into your Magento store to automate the entire process. It can communicate with FedEx, UPS and other shipping firms and automatically chooses the warehouse nearest to your customer, thereby ensuring fast and cheaper shipping. Find out more about Shipping Management.

Finally Inventory Accuracy

Managing a huge inventory can be a herculean task and if you have multiple stores, then it's just impossible without a good inventory management system. We integrate Inventory management systems with your Magento store to automate your process and eliminate human errors. Features like easy product upload, re-stock notifications, easy product grouping and so many more make managing your inventory a piece of cake. Find out more about our Inventory management System.

Master the Marketplaces

Are you selling on multiple platforms like Amazon, eBay or Sears? We realize that managing retail on multiple channels plus your Magento store can get really tiresome. But don't you worry, we can integrate your marketplaces and make selling a centralized process. Sell on Amazon, eBay, Newegg, sears and many more via a single platform.

ERPs, CRMs, and QuickBook Integrations - Oh My!

API is required when you need your store to communicate with other 3rd party applications. API code enables the application to access the required information from your database. We work with Magento API to make your store more efficient by integrating it with other 3rd party tools such as QuickBooks, MailChimp or any other ERP & CRM tools. Find out more about API & Integration.

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Make it Sell, Get More Sales

Getting more sales out of your store doesn't have to be rocket science, we make getting more sales easy

Get Found on Google

Magento sites are naturally SEO friendly but you need to use that to your complete advantage. Our SEO experts ensure that your Magento store is such that the search engines adore you. Find out more about our SEO services. Employ our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services for better results and engage in ROI marketing.

Get More Customers

SEO is a must but not enough to beat your competition in a race to reach your audience. That's why we use aggressive marketing techniques, both paid and unpaid to get you more customers.PPC,Email marketing  and using social media like Twitter, Facebook etc. is all a part of boosting your ROI.

Convert More Sales

The most important step of any sales process is conversion. It's when your users become your customers by making a sale. We focus on conversions, not just traffic to increase your sales. We help you to improve your conversion rate by employing Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) services and increase sales from traffic.

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