Custom CMS - Palmer Marketing

About The Project

Palmer Marketing is the go-to company for retailers and manufacturers. In other words, it forms the key link between the manufacturers and sellers. The company gets in touch with the manufacturers and places bulk orders with them; and in turn sells them to the retailers for affordable rates. This keeps both the manufacturers and the retailers happy. The manufacturers get to sell the product in bulk while the retailers get to buy them on discounted rates. The process does not end here. It also takes feedback from retailers to know more about the best-selling items. And thereafter it gets in touch with the manufacturers to prompt them to produce more of the best-selling items.

Challenges & Solutions

The entire system of Palmer Marketing from A to Z was based on paper work. iDeveloperSquare automated the entire process of Palmer Marketing was computerized. We also computerized their catalogue so that every retailer can manually generate it. We devised such a system for them so that a vendor can self-login and upload the products in the system instead of doing it manually by phoning Palmer Marketing.

Technology Used

  • Technology:

    PHP 5.2.13
  • Web Server:
    Apache 2.0
  • Server O/S:
    Linux Server
  • Database: My SQL 5.0x
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