Product Configuration

The visual product customization tool has flexible UI options, intuitive admin, and provides an interactive design experience. Idevelopersquare provides the tools to create an extraordinary customer experience. Every time.

Customize Products, Easier, & Faster!
Sell by design

Customize Products, Easier, & Faster!

With 1,000s of product configurators we’ve already created, Idevelopersquare provides the ideal solution for eCommerce sites, able to customize anything, and everything.

Special Interactive Experience

With thousands of product designers already created, we know we can do one for your products as well. Not only can we do it quicker than anybody else, but you’ll benefit from best-in-class performance and a rich treasure box of top range features with our configurator software, such as integration with shopping carts, social media & web2print.

Customization, Personalization, & Bundling
ViSualize your product in real time

Customization, Personalization, & Bundling

The Idevelopersquare has proven to be the best solution to rapidly deploy interactive user experiences on ecommerce websites and even within brick-and-mortar stores. When it comes to product customization, our configurator software solution enables not only color and pattern changes, but also complete changes of form such as product features, textures and geometrical elements.


Personalization of products is often achieved by letting users add custom text, upload their own images and select other features specific to their own tastes and needs. With The Idevelopersquare visual product configurator these features are all easily implemented, and Doogma even has a version that can prepare high-resolution print-ready images that can be used for web-2-print type applications.

Interactive Bundling

Let users mix and match your items to buy a complete bundle all on one product page. With this configurator software solution, you can sell entire outfits instead of just one shirt, one pair of pants and one coat at a time. Another great example of interactive bundling is enabling users to mix and match multiple furniture and decorative items, see how they look together in a living room setting and then hit a single Add-To-Cart button.

Responsive Configuration System
top Notch product configuration

Responsive Configuration System

Idevelopersquare is optimized for every touch point. Since each of your users interacts differently with your eCommerce site, we offer a solution incomparable to any other on the market. Idevelopersquare has developed a custom product configurators offering the unique features and adaptive experience most suited for today’s diverse online shoppers – more and more are using various devices to buy their coveted custom products.

Performance for Today's Shopper

Today’s online shoppers and custom designer users are busy, and they have no time to wait or waste. Provide your customers with the ultimate Design-Their-Own experience

That Perfect One-of-a-Kind Experience
One-of-a-kind buying experience
That Perfect One-of-a-Kind Experience

Customers spend so much time creating their ideal product—they want want to see their design come to life. Idevelopersquare's visual configurator allows customers to preview and revise every product they design, creating a truly interactive online shopping experience. 

Multiple Templates

Create multiple templates, giving each product page a different look and feel. Using the admin dashboard, you can set up different rules and specs to quickly upload new inventory across categories while making each page unique.

Embroidery Capability

Users can view hand-crafted stitching on screen. Straight from the needle, customers can add any text and preview how their stitched design will look post-production.

Product Configuration
configurations made easy
Product Configuration

Idevelopersquare's product configurator gives customers the flexibility to build it their way. We built our product configuration software to be fully responsive, scalable and able to integrate with any platform.

Live Pricing

Add studding. Remove velvet cloth. Add leather. Change the color to blue. The price changes in real-time as elements are added or removed, giving users full transparency to any product’s cost. Now you can sell that electric blue chair fit for a rocker, at a roadie’s price range.

Rule Engine to Automate Workflows

Idevelopersquare gives admin users back-end access to the configurator’s Rules Engine. Automate workflows and easily upload product specs, saving time and reducing human error on manual input. 

Production Ready Output

Access the file output needed to produce customized products. After the “Submit Order” button is clicked, Idevelopersquare sends over production-ready files, product spec sheets, and an XML string of product data. Don’t spend resources on customer service, spend it on customer experiences.

Product Customization
Eliminate quote errors 
Product Customization

Design it their way. With a customizable user interface, a self-service admin console, and simple integration process, Idevelopersquare empowers users to create a one-of-a-kind virtual shopping experience.

Customer Experience, Smooth as Silk 

Stop dealing with clunky product customization plug-ins. Idevelopersquare seamlessly integrates into any store and takes on the look and feel of a brand. No more customer confusion when the “customize” button directs them to a plain text site.

Color Rendering 

Users can view color changes on screen as they're being made. Idevelopersquare uses advanced color rendering to let customers preview and review product designs in multiple colors before purchasing. 

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