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SEO & Marketing

Driving thousands of undifferentiated visitors to your website takes little online marketing skill; getting the traffic that will actually convert to dollars requires much more proficiency and expertise. Our SEO solution does just that: drive quality organic traffic to your site.

Ecommerce Anyatics Tracking

Ecommerce Anyatics Tracking

Using Idevelopersquare, find out all things with regard to your consumers - from their very first touch with your company's web store to their most recent purchase. It automatically monitors the things both your company's site visitors and clients are engaging in your online store.

Your Entire Consumer Data In a Single Place

Idevelopersquare was built from scratch to fulfill your e-commerce Analytics needs. It instantly recognizes acquisition channels which are useful to your organization, precisely indicates where you’re missing out on business through Funnel reports, and immediately monitors conversion rates throughout devices.

SEO Forecasting Algorithms

SEO Forecasting Algorithms

We’ve made SEO foreseeable. A highly effective algorithm which takes into account all the predictable aspects influencing the website traffic. Together with astounding detail and clarity, it generates a month-to-month forecast based on precise SEO objectives. One can't completely understand this until experiencing it in action.

Translate SEO into Business Metrics

Idevelopersquare provides an unparalleled capability to forecast the traffic and conversion outcomes that you can acquire by achieving specific SEO goals.

Keyword Optimization

Keyword Optimization

Through Idevelopersquare, you'll be able to choose and optimize for your company's focus keywords. Those are the keywords you’d prefer your post or page to rank for in the search engine results. Then, we perform a check on your site content to analyze if you’re utilizing the keywords frequently enough - although, not too often - as well as in the best spots.

Allow Monitoring Of Keyword Search

Utilize Idevelopersquare's tools which let you find keywords people will be trying to see on your website and compute the revenue they bring in.

Count Preferred Searches

They will indicate that your product or service is well-liked and could be profitable. They might also let you know that people aren't getting the things for which they reached your website!

Search-Friendly Architecture
Search-Friendly Architecture

Excellent information architecture, site structure, and internal link architecture are essential to rank new product pages effectively. Link categories from your company's home page and your product pages from the category levels. This technique will make sure that Google locates, crawls, and indexes your site content quickly. Idevelopersquare looks after all these details, instantly making sure your website gets discovered in the search engines.

Get Ranked Swiftly

A useful internal link architecture can undoubtedly get your company's new product pages indexed and ranked rapidly.

Search-Friendly Internal Linking
Search-Friendly Internal Linking

Internal link building supports SEO and rankings. But to obtain improved results, you require link architecture besides “link building” activity. Idevelopersquare ensures your website is made using a robust SEO architecture framework and afterward, further boosts your company's search engine results by improving your website's internal linking structure.

Sites Built For Users And Search Engines

Internal linking isn't just about search engine spiders. Ease of use also makes a difference. Through Idevelopersquare, you receive both a smooth user experience in addition to a website optimized correctly for search engines.

Better Breadcrumbs = Better Linking

Idevelopersquare makes sure that users and Google will be able to navigate up one level to a parent category by offering breadcrumbs to improve the experience.

Rich Snippets for Getting Found
Rich Snippets for Getting Found

Rich Snippets are organized data markup that enable search engines to quickly find out what data is present on your store, products, and blog entries. One good example can be the price details, the number of comments your blog article may have, and product reviews.

Product Reviews in Search Results

Furthermore, Rich Snippets considerably enhance clickthrough rates, the traffic you’ll be generating is more qualified as well. These users are those who will be making an informed decision - they understand your company's pricing, your product’s availability, and your reputation.

Category & Listing Page Optimization
Category & Listing Page Optimization

Idevelopersquare efficiently deals with the most complex SEO challenges existing on Department, Category, and Subcategory Pages on online business sites: breadcrumbs, pagination, infinite scrolling, sorting, viewing, and faceted navigation.

Strengthen Product Categories

Enhance internal link architecture, breadcrumbs as well as add the suitable products to give information to the search bots and help them learn about your website.

Category Level Navigation

Idevelopersquare makes it much simpler for your company's users to obtain a summary of the things they can discover within the subcategories and pages.

Product Detail Page Optimization
Product Detail Page Optimization

Improve product detail pages to give a superior search experience: URLs, images, videos, product descriptions. Through Idevelopersquare, you additionally receive solutions to manage product variations, thin content, and product naming.

Blend Social Media With Products

Instagram posts, Facebook comments, Pinterest pins as well as Google +1s could be built into your website using Idevelopersquare to provide social facts. With the help of Idevelopersquare, you'll be able to post photos of delighted customers making use of your product and boost sales.

Incorporate User Generated Content

It will efficiently distinguish your company's product pages from similar copies online. Social media is beneficial. Recommendations and reviews from satisfied users or clients won't just improve your SEO campaign, but will also promote sales conversions.

Integrated Campaign Management
Integrated Campaign Management

Through Integrated Campaign Management, Idevelopersquare enables you to execute cross-channel digital marketing campaigns and acquire intelligence on individual channels.

Recognise The Audience

Every well-designed campaign begins with your company's target market. This approach becomes essential when setting up several media channels. Therefore, get to understand your audience, fully grasp precisely who they are, and what they may be trying to find.

Keep On Top Of The Specifics

Effective integration is related to the detail and it is crucial that every person in your team remains on top of the particulars: what is getting published, to which channels, how, and when it's getting measured.

Event Triggered Actions, Based On Campaign
Event Triggered Actions, Based On Campaign

Idevelopersquare's automated marketing lets you drill down and find out who your company's best clients are and what they're most interested in buying. Getting a thorough knowledge of each client type will allow you to develop more leads to turning into your most preferred clients.

Target Better By Behavior

Information about behaviors and interests from your company's site and email interaction offer useful implications for your business. You can modify the presentation, tone, and fervency of your company's communication depending on the place you know your client is in the sales process.

Link Management
Link Management

Idevelopersquare lets you add a new campaign as the initial step, further enabling you to add new manual link, and swap between projects. It's also possible to revise a Campaign whenever you want. It's also possible to look into the status of your links from this point effortlessly and conveniently.

Customized Reports

This feature is an additional attribute of the Link Management tool provided by Idevelopersquare. You'll receive the freedom of downloading the pre-defined files for your company's projects using this option.

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