Value Added Services

Give more value and functionality to your customers
  • Increase the functionality of your ecommerce store
  • Give more facilities to your customers so that they return
  • Make amazing mobile apps of your eCommerce store
  • POS system to help customers in their purchase process

Take your eCommerce business to the next level

iDeveloperSquare's value added services extend the presence of your business throughout each customer touch point. Making your eCommerce venture memorable is the primary objective of our value added services. Our value added services add real value to your eCommerce store and can be configured as per the unique needs of your eCommerce business. We are present 24x7 to help you add value to your business and give the best possible experience to your customers. Additionally, our value added services add various functionality to your eCommerce store, making it more streamlined and efficient.

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Product Configurator

With our retail product configurator, you can offer any level of customization to the customers of your eCommerce store. This customization goes down to a very minute level and our product configurator will help you to achieve customization that will aid your customers in their buying decisions. For example, if you are offering customization in shirts, our product configurator will let you select the size of the shirt, color of the collar, color and size of the button, exact type of shirt. This is just the example of a shirt and can be applied to any product. On the other hand, customers are able to see the changes real time in the images on your eCommerce store with the help of our product configurator. This type of customization helps you garner more sales and boost the profitability of your eCommerce store.

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Auction Portal

Auction portal is a common market place for seller and buyer. In this platform seller and buyer can bid and win the products and items. Now a day’s online auction portal has gained much popularity. It is a real time platform for buyers and seller where they can buy and sell anything as per their industry. iDeveloperSquare can provide you with exceptional services for online auction portal and bidding portal development. We are passionate to help our clients and give maximum ROI. We develop auction portals that look fantastic as per your requirement and help to improve your online business. This will help your customers to come together as buyers and sellers on your eCommerce platform and buy and sell products of their choice.

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Product Catalog (Flex)

Our product catalog that uses the flex technology is the best representation of your selected products in your eCommerce store. With the help of our Flex product catalog, you can represent your wide range of products in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Our product catalog design can be customized with full configuration control. Be it your items which you want to put on sale, or if you want to display beautifully your highest selling products, our product catalog design using the Flex technology lets you do so in a pleasing manner. Capture the imagination of your customers with products displayed awesomely in a beautiful Flex product catalog and keep the cash registers ringing.

Give more value to your customers with our Value Added Services

With our mobile apps, POS system and third party integration services, you can add more value to your eCommerce store. We shall give you everything you require to satisfy your customers and bring more customers to your eCommerce store.

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Mobile apps

We offer Android apps, iOS apps and Windows apps development for both mobile and tablets. Our mobile apps solution are designed to offer you the maximum utility for any purpose you want the mobile app for. The sole aim of mobile apps to give a great user interface to your customer and a seamless experience on the go. This ultimately will increase the sales of your eCommerce store as more and more smartphones are thronging the market nowadays. Our mobile apps solutions are designed to give the best possible customer experience to your customers that are habituated in using their mobiles for various functionality.

Give a best experience to your customers on your eCommerce store

Give your customer the best value for their money by our Value Added Services

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Point of Sale (POS) system

Our POS solution offers maximum facility and flexibility to your customers in making payments to your eCommerce store once the invoice has been prepared. Our POS system is more interactive, intuitive and easy to use and facilitates your customer in making purchase from your eCommerce store. Different options are given to the customer for making the payment or otherwise the POS system can also just calculate the amount owed by the customer. After receiving payment, our POS system will also issue a receipt for the transaction, thus giving complete support to the customers in their purchase process.

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Third Party Integration

We offer third party integration in search integration, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), accounting, ERP and other web applications. For this purpose, we offering integration of third party apps like Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Quickbooks integration, BI report integration and integration of any third party apps. This strengths the reach and capabilities of your eCommerce store so that you can offer more value to your customers and increase the customer satisfaction on your eCommerce store.

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