Volusion Design & Development

Volusion Design & Development

Start selling online fast and strong
  • Analytics, Reporting and ROI
  • One page checkout for better user experience
  • Volusion API development for third party integrations
  • Built in marketing tools for better visibility
Making Volusion development a piece of cake
You won’t have to worry about your Volusion store at all. We've got you covered.
A new Volusion store
Do you want a build a new Volusion store? Well, we are your people. We

develop Volusion stores

from scratch. You won’t have to worry about anything when you are with us. We'll take care of all the technical process to give you a store that is extremely easy to use. A

Volusion store

that works for you instead of making your life miserable.
Volusion Store design
If you want to stand out of the crowd, you need to be different. Go beyond the templates. Our designer, expert in Volusion,

custom design

your website and make it absolutely unique and completely responsive. What's more?  We can even customize your favorite template and apply it as your

Volusion website Design

Volusion features & customization
Volusion offers more than 900 features to choose from. That's a lot of features to choose from! As amazing as t can seem it is extremely tough to choose what features work for you. Well, you won't have to worry about that. Just tell us what you need your

Volusion store

to do and we will customize your store, just the way you want it.
Advanced Volusion services
Why limit yourselves to the defaults? We offer advanced Volusion store services that include Volusion app integration,

3rd party app integration

, advanced reporting,

Inventory Management integration

and so much more. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There's so much more we can do.
SEO & Marketing
You won’t have to look for a separate company to market your store. We offer Volusion marketing along with

Search Engine Optimization

of your Volusion site. Our digital marketing experts deploy all the necessary and ethical methods to give your Volusion website the attention it deserves. We attract relevant traffic to your site to boost your conversions. We also offer

social media services

for better visibility of your Volusion store.
Everything else
We offer a complete

Volusion eCommerce solution

for your online store. From migration to custom integration, from design & development to marketing, whatever you need, we are here for you. We also offer Facebook marketing and Google Plus marketing for your Volusion store. If your website is facing issues and you need an audit, avail our FREE audit service to find out how we can make your Volusion store better. We provide all Volusion store services. 
Get a FREE Custom Site Audit
Is your Volusion store facing issues?
Get a FREE Custom Site Audit*
*Included is our Basic Site Audit, which are Different from Our Advanced Site Audit
Your Volusion store that is easy on the eyes & forever on their minds
Blending technology with beauty, we make your Volusion website that looks amazing and is breeze to use. Score points on user experience (UX/UI) and become your user's favorite with our Volusion design services.
Your Volusion store that is mobile/tablet ready
A study by Margin Media shows that 48% of users say that if they arrive on a business site that isn't working well on mobile, they take it as an indication of the business simply not caring. Show your customers that you care. Besides, with mobiles and tablets taking over the internet, can you really afford to be not ready?
We make

Volusion responsive web designs

. Going beyond fixed templates, we create our own Volusion eCommerce templates that are Mobile/ tablet ready.

Mobile first

is a strategy we follow to the core. 
Volusion store
Volusion store template
Like a template? We can make your Volusion store look like that
Do you want to look like your favorite website? Or maybe a look that has a little bit of this and a little bit of that? We can help you with whatever you need. We develop, modify and customize Volusion website templates. Get a

Volusion custom designs

that are responsive, retina ready and absolutely amazing! Don't hesitate to get in touch with us and get your Volusion store looking exactly the way you want it to. Set yourselves apart from your competition with a

Volusion custom template

made especially for you.
Does your Volusion store need a makeover?
Maybe it's been a long time since you started selling on Volusion or maybe you tried setting up the Volusion store and that didn't go too well; whatever your problem be, all you need is a

Volusion store redesign

, and we are just the people to help you with that. With custom templates that are responsive and stunning that completely change your storefront and Volusion store enhancement that will make your back-end a dream to use, we can completely upgrade your Volusion store. Is there something that's bothering you and you can’t figure out what the problem is? Well, just try our FREE site audit to find out what's stopping you from reaching your full potential.  
Volusion store makeover
Volusion Development services
Creating a New store
We are a Volusion store development company. We design and develop Custom Volusion stores in order for you to sell easier, faster and more conveniently.
  • Custom Volusion store development
  • Designated personal Volusion store developer 
  • Volusion custom design
  • Enhance Volusion store with required features
A flexible platform
We develop flexible, scalable and a dynamic websites by using Volusion customization services. This helps you to mold your Volusion store as per your needs.
  • A complete range of solutions for Volusion redesign.
  • Our Volusion developers deliver to you a fluid and a seamless website.
  • SEO friendly website development.
  • Efficient maintenance services.
Custom modifications
All businesses aren't the same. We are sure that there are certain functions that are very specific to you. We modify and integrate your Volusion store to perform all the functions that you need it too.
  • Integrate inventory & shipping
  • Volusion API development for 3rd party apps
  • Save time and effort
  • Unified processes to a single dashboard
Get a FREE consultation
Do you feel Volusion is for you?
Get a FREE consultation
Got your processes all over the place? Unify them
    Volusion Shipping
    Ship your orders in half the time
    Automate your shipping and save time. By integrating our
    shipping manager
    with your Volusion store you can enable/disable shipping charges, adjust tax, make unique barcodes, automatically choose the nearest warehouse to your customer and do so much more. It can also directly communicate with FedEx, UPS and other shipping firms to make shipping fast and easy. Integrate our shipping manager with your Volusion store and simplify shipping.
    Volusion Inventory
    All your inventory in sync
    Quit worrying about overselling. By integrating our
    inventory management system
    with your Volusion store, your inventory is always in sync with your order and shipping processes. Smart product listing, re-stock notification and many other useful features enhance the efficiency of your store. Earn more by reducing effort and saving time and money. Find out more about our Inventory management System.
    Volusion Marketplaces
    Sell on different platforms
    Expand your market. You can now harness the power and outreach of giant marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and many more without having to duplicate your efforts. We integrate your Volusion store with these marketplaces to centralize your process. Increase your sales by selling on multiple marketplaces along with your Volusion store. 
    Volusion API
    Integrate and communicate with Volusion & third-party applications
    API enables communication with your Volusion store to gain certain data that is required to run a third-party app like QuickBooks. We work with
    Volusion API
    to integrate any
    third-party application
    like MailChimp or QuickBooks that you might want for your Volusion store. We can even integrate Volusion apps that are available in the app marketplace to do anything you want to in particular. We enhance your Volusion store to make it more efficient and in turn amplify your sales. 
There over 400+ features that can enhance your Volusion store.
Find out how we make your store even better.
Migrate to Volusion
Do you want to shift to the Volusion platform? Connect with us. Our experts can move you seamlessly on to Volusion. 
Fix it for me
Are you facing a problem with your Volusion store? Whether it’s small or big, if you have a problem we've got the solution.
Custom Code
From storefront design to shopping cart, we can customize everything in your Volusion store any way you want it.
Amplify your returns, get more with Volusion marketing 
Get Popular by marketing smartly and boost your sales
Be very SEO-friendly
Be very SEO-friendly
Volusion is pre-coded to render SEO options but one needs to know how to use them right. Our
Volusion SEO experts
at iDeveloperSquare harness Volusion's SEO power to the fullest and make your store very SEO friendly. This will surely increase your ROI. We also offer
social media optimization
for your Volusion store.
Drive more traffic to you
Drive more traffic to you
Boost traffic coming to your Volusion store with our vigorous digital marketing campaigns. We work with both paid and unpaid marketing tools to increase your returns on every penny spent. This will surely improve your
conversion rate optimization
Give your customers a reason to stay
Give your customers a reason to stay
Did you know that 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience? Why give your customers a chance to complain? We Specialize in optimizing
Volusion stores
to give you more conversions and hence, sales.
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