Volusion Features

These built-in marketing features make it easy to attract new customers and keep them coming back for more.

Coupon and Discount System
  • Product-specific option
  • Category-specific option
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Customizable coupon code
  • Minimum/maximum order price for
  • coupon use
  • Minimum/maximum product quantity
  • One time use option
  • “Cannot be combined” option
  • Span multiple products option
  • Quantity discounts
  • Enable/disable coupons
  • Enable discounts/coupons with special pricing levels
  • Customizable navigation menu promotions
Gift Certificate and Store Credit System
  • Printable gift certificate
  • Initial amount tracker
  • “Amount remaining” indicator
  • Customizable gift certificate ID
  • Deactivate option
  • Automatic email
  • Personalizable card message
  • Order tracking
Affiliate Management
  • Five-tier affiliate system
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Product-specific affiliate commission value
  • Membership system
  • Configurable affiliate notification email
Email Marketing
  • Advanced newsletter system
  • Newsletter opt-in/opt-out capability
  • Newsletter segmentation
  • Abandoned cart email marketing
  • “Join our mailing list” function
  • “Email a friend” function
Campaign Tracking and Reporting
  • ROI tracking
  • ROI report generator
Search Engine Optimization
  • SEO friendly site
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • Dynamically generated SEO friendly URLs
  • Store-specific SEO settings
  • Product-specific SEO settings
  • Category-specific SEO settings
  • Article-specific SEO settings
  • Editable robots.txt
  • Search engine sitemap generator
  • Meta tag description definition
  • Meta tag keyword definition
  • Meta tag title definition
  • Custom meta tag overrides
  • Search term analysis
  • 301 redirect management
  • Custom 404 error page configuration
  • Custon 500 error page configuration

Make your products look like a million bucks with our extensive, effective merchandising tools.

Extensive Category Management
  • Category description
  • Short description
  • Below products description
  • Picture
  • Thumbnails
  • Alternate image title
  • Graphic placement options
  • Category and subcategory graphics on category pages
  • Customizable category layouts
  • “Drag and drop” category management
  • Customizable display mode
  • Unlimited categories
  • Unlimited subcategories
  • Customizable display rows
  • Customizable display columns
  • Visible location
  • Order function
  • Default “sort by” function
  • Category hide option
  • Multi-categorization methodology
  • Multiple “sort by” options
  • Items per page option
  • Multiple filtering options
  • Alternate URL redirect
Customer Reviews
  • Review filters
  • Review content section
  • Review title
  • Star rating system
  • “Was this review helpful” indicator
  • Active option
  • Anonymous reviews
  • Optional location listing
Home Page Merchandising
  • Customizable featured products showcase
  • Customizable super deal showcase
  • Top seller showcase
  • New products showcase
  • Soft add to cart pop-up window
Product Page Merchandising
  • Sales price management
  • Customizable related product showcase
  • Customizable accessories showcase
  • Accessory pricing discounts
  • Automated promotional pricing
  • Back in stock notification system
  • Customizable pricing layouts
  • Wish list function
  • Dynamic recent search history
  • Browse more in category ability
  • Product info hide option
  • Product popularity option
Built-in Social Media Tools
  • Twitter integration
  • YouTube video management tools
  • AddThis bookmarking and sharing tool
  • Mobile phone optimized storefront
Facebook Integration
  • Social Store Builder for product listings on Facebook
  • Facebook “Like” and “Send” buttons
  • Design your Social Store with built-in themes
  • Promote “Daily Deals” on Facebook page
  • Add unlimited products to Facebook page
  • Provide discounts based on “Likes” of your Facebook business page

Create a store design that stands out from the crowd.

Customizable Storefront Design
  • Customizable storefront articles
  • Customizable checkout fields
  • Quick article editing on storefront
  • Quick image swap on storefront
  • LiveEdit file editor
  • Advanced HTML content editing mode
  • Integrated easy editor for visual content creation
  • Multiple navigation styles
  • Extensive free template library
  • Premium design templates
  • Design preview
  • Custom design gallery
  • Template gallery
  • Image gallery
  • Template duplication option
  • Horizontal navigation
  • Vertical navigation
  • Logo or text header
  • Favicon upload tool
  • WYSIWYG editor
Article System For Easy Content Editing
  • Unlimited articles
  • Article categories
  • Article category order
  • Article caption
  • Article title
  • Content section
  • Customizable page name
  • HTML enabled
  • Editable store terms of use
Additional Design Features
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Invoice/receipt/packing slip logo
  • Standard web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, Flash, etc.)
  • FTP access
  • Customizable image FTP folder
  • Image copyright protection
Out of this World™ Support

Our team of in-house ecommerce experts are here to help your business succeed, 24x7.

Product Features and Tools
  • 24x7 live, in-house telephone support
  • 24x7 CRM ticket support
  • 24x7 live chat support
  • Personal Onboarding Coach (Gold stores and above)
  • Detailed in-product help tools, videos and FAQ
  • Quick administrator tour guide
  • Instant help
  • Product manual
  • Product support forum community
  • Extensive support Knowledge Base
  • Hundreds of free, detailed training videos
Product Management

Keep tabs on your products while selling them to the masses.

Product Features and Tools
  • Child products
  • Kit/bundle function
  • Free accessories
  • VZoom
  • Automatic drop shipping setting
  • Downloadable product capability (software, mp3s, pdfs, etc.)
  • Accept donations
  • Donation price rounding
  • Customer editable pricing
  • Multiple pricing levels
  • SmartMatch inventory function
  • Option swatch
  • Color swatch tool
  • Custom start and end for temporary product
  • “New!” icon for new products
  • Product price
  • List price
  • Setup cost
  • Sale price
  • “You save” functionality
  • Multiple “see sales price” options
  • Product weight
  • Shipping weight calculation
  • “Ships by itself” functionality
  • Free shipping option
  • Free shipping coupon
  • Free shipping icon
  • Customizable product descriptions
  • Short product description
  • Customizable product data fields
  • Product price name
  • Sale price name
  • List price name
  • Setup cost name
  • Customizable price text
  • Customizable short price text
  • Add to cart replacement text
  • Unlimited product photos
  • Alternate product photos
  • View larger photo
  • Thumbnail picture generator
  • Swatch options for multiple photo image sizes
  • Quick resize tool for product photos
  • Large and small photo URL option
  • Manufacturer logo
  • Photo subtext field
  • Use same photo across multiple products
  • Gift wrap
  • Gift wrap additional cost option
  • Gift notes
  • Availability indicator
  • Hide product capability
  • Automatic hide out of stock products
  • “Out of stock” notification
  • Multiple child add to cart
  • Order finished notes
  • Build product keywords for product search
  • Barcode creator
  • ISBN for literature products
  • UPC code
Flexible and Powerful Product Options
  • Unlimited product options
  • Unlimited product option categories
  • Arrangeable product options
  • Arrangeable option categories
  • Apply option to multiple products
  • Option based price difference
  • Setup cost difference
  • Recurring price difference
  • Option description
  • Fixed shipping cost option
  • Option category description
  • No value option
  • Product option weight
  • Quantity based options
  • Required option function
  • Selectable default
  • Customizable display mode
  • Only avaliable with certain options functionality
  • Not avaliable with certain options functionality
  • Text box for customer entries
  • Text box max length
  • Text box rows
  • Text box size
  • Option category description field
  • Side note description
  • Hidable description
  • Include category in search option
  • Heading group
  • Automatic product add
  • “Jump to product” functionality
  • Replace option functionality
Recurring Pricing and Product Management
  • Recurring pricing
  • Pricing duration
  • Start pricing
  • Start pricing duration
  • Recurring price frequency
  • Customizable recurring price replacement text
Shopping Feed Management Tools
  • Category for Shopping.com feed
  • Category for Yahoo! feed
  • Product type for Google Base feed
  • Product condition field
  • Medium type option for Yahoo! feed
  • Estimated shipping 2nd day for shopping feeds
  • Estimated shipping ground for shopping feeds
  • Estimated shipping overnight for shopping feeds
  • Automatically generated Google Base Feed (gold stores and higher)

Get paid quickly and easily by utilizing these convenient payment processing features.

Credit Card Processing
  • CVV2 support
  • Enable/disable CVV2
  • Customizable CVV2 note
  • Multiple credit card capturing processes
  • Payment declined indicator
  • Last four digits of credit card number field
  • Customizable credit card number note
  • Customizable date note
  • Captured credit card authorization number
  • Captured credit card transaction ID
Payment Log
  • Authorization code
  • Authorization date
  • AVS response
  • CVV2 response
  • Payment details
  • Deleted item indicator
  • Parent ID indicator
  • Third party field
Phone Order System
  • Multiple checkout types (anonymous, existing, new)
  • Phone order sales rep tracking
  • Save cart function
  • Shop by website
Flexible Purchasing Options
  • Google Checkout (US and UK)
  • PayPal checkout
  • Offline check capturing
  • Electronic check processing
  • Offline payment capabilities
  • Purchase order processing
  • Recurring payments
  • Returns processing
  • Payment amount authorized
  • Payment amount received
  • Choice of check type: savings or electronic
  • Electronic check number field
  • Order IP address location for fraud protection
Advanced Tax Calculation System
  • Multiple tax rules
  • VAT, GST, HST and PST tax options
  • Default tax for VAT
  • Tax by state
  • Tax by Zip code
  • Stackable tax option
  • Tax exempt customers
  • Tax exempt products
  • Tax exempt override option
  • Tax calculation based on shipping address
  • Force tax ID in registration
Store Management

Take control of what happens behind the scenes with these powerful settings.

Customizable Administrator Settings
  • Customizable administrator access levels
  • Section-specific access
  • Administrator history
  • Multiple administrator function
  • Super administrator function
  • Admininistrator section to do list
  • Administrator section search
  • Point of sales system
  • Web-based administrator area
Complete Business Data Management
  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • Custom SQL reports
  • Savable custom SQL queries
  • Real time abandoned cart reporting
  • Keyword search reporting
  • Google Analytics support
  • Third Party analytics support
Worldwide Currency Support
  • Configurable currency
  • Accept multiple currencies
  • Configurable payment gateway currency
  • Default store currency
  • Definable exchange rate
  • Definable symbol
  • PayPal currency code
IP Access Management
  • IP-based access rules
  • IP range specification
  • Administration area only blocking
  • Allow or block option
  • Limit or prevent orders per IP per day
Complete Plan Usage Monitoring
  • Billing history
  • Plan usage reporting
  • Website statistics
  • Bandwidth usage
  • Disk space usage
Store Management Tools
  • Enable and disable features
  • Savable data exports
  • Data import
  • Last modified by tracking
  • Last modified date tracking
  • Members-only browsing
  • Members-only website
  • Configurable billing email
  • Configurable from email
  • Domain management
  • Store closed maintenance messages
  • Store maintenance tools
  • 24-hour time format
  • Multiple date formats
Order Management

Process your orders quickly and securely with our robust suite of order management tools.

Order Processing Tools
  • Risk management Fraud Score tool
  • Batch order processing
  • Batch order printing
  • Batch payment processing
  • Guided order processing
  • Partial order processing
  • Automatic email notification for new orders
  • Configurable order notification emails
  • Quick order edit
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Quick order history
  • Quick discounting
  • Set maximum orders per customer, per day
  • Minimum/maximum order quantity function
  • Minimum/maximum order total function
  • Automatic purchase confirmation and receipt email
  • Automatic purchase digital download license email
  • Automatic store credit/gift certificate email
  • Manually send emails as needed
  • Order filtering
  • Lockable orders
  • Lockable shipping and handling
  • Merchant editable orders
  • Enable/disable order comments
  • Printable invoice/receipt
  • Product stock back order processing
  • Public order comments viewable by customer
  • Private order comments viewable by merchant
  • Order status classifications
  • Order type tracking
  • Address validated indicator
  • Additional cost for tracking and handling
  • Dimensional shipping support
  • Base rate field
  • Per weight field
  • “Copy order to my cart” function
Comprehensive Order Fulfillment Capabilities
  • Drop shipping
  • Label printing
  • Live package tracking
  • Integrated USPS, DHL, and FedEx label printing
  • Printable packing slips
  • Google Maps integration
  • Automatic shipping confirmation emails and faxes
  • Automatic partial shipping confirmation emails and faxes
  • Quantity on back order
  • Stock priority
  • Quantity on hold
  • Quantity on packing slip
  • Quantity shipped
  • Ship date
  • Shipped package tracking
  • Tracking number entry support
  • Shipping from different locations
  • Residential shipping indicator
Unlimited Shipping Calculation Types
  • Live rate shipping calculations
  • Guided carrier registration
  • Separate address for shipping calculation
  • Add extra shipping/handling cost
  • Add extra shipping/handling cost as a percentage (%)
  • Apply tax to shipping
  • Pounds or kilogram weight
  • Add extra weight
  • Default shipping location type (residential or business)
  • Allow customer to specify location type
  • Force shipping address to be billing address
  • Multiple delivery confirmation options
  • Shipping rate tester
  • Activate/deactive shipping method
  • Multiple shipping classifications
  • Customizable shipping method name
  • Arrangable shipping method display list
  • Apply shipping methods to certain states/countries
  • Apply shipping methods to certain states
  • Do not apply shipping methods to certain states/countries
  • Do not apply shipping methods to certain states
  • Minimum/maximum order price per shipping method
  • Minimum/maximum order weight per shipping method
  • Backup base rate
  • Backup per weight rate
  • Fixed shipping configurations
Inventory Management

Sell, stock and re-order products quickly and easily with our inventory management tools.

Digital Product License Management
  • Prior use indicator
  • Option to allow reuse
  • License key type
  • License key date tracking
  • Automatic license email
  • Email template
  • Customizable email subject and content
Integrated Inventory Management
  • Product inventory
  • Product option inventory
  • Child product inventory
  • Ordering system
  • Stock tracking and management
  • Live stock status
  • Low stock quantity alarm
  • Low stock management
  • Cross-product stock status sharing
  • Stock history
  • Stock on hold
  • Back order quantity
  • Queue stock for order
  • Back order fulfillment
Integrated Purchase Order (PO) System
  • Purchase order generation
  • Automatic stock update from POs
  • PO shipped confirmation
  • PO quantity received tracking
  • Multiple products per PO
  • Unique shipping cost per PO
Integrated RMA System
  • Sellable quantity received
  • Damaged quantity received
  • Lost value
  • Deadline for RMA completion
  • Administrator note section
  • Quantity indicator
  • Refund type
  • Status indicator
Integrated Vendor Management
  • Vendor inventory rules
  • Active vendor indicator
  • Customizable vendor PO and email templates
  • Field-based content system
  • Maximum reorder quantity
  • Minimum reorder quantity
  • Multiple PO send methods
  • Drop shipping indicator
  • Deactivate options
  • Vendor ID
  • Vendor part number
Integrated Warehouse Management
  • Multiple warehouse support
  • Specifiy exact product location in warehouse
  • Ship from warehouses or fulfillment centers
Customer Relationship Management

Build customer relationships and provide stellar support with our comprehensive CRM toolbox.

CRM Ticketing System
  • Phone call logging and tracking
  • Customer rewards point system
  • Multiple departments
  • Ticket filter rules
  • Sales rep management
  • Interdepartmental ticket classification
  • Private notes and memos
  • Spam notifications
  • Ticket preview
  • Custom ticket URL
  • Ticket solution notifications
  • Batch ticket processing
Integrated Customer Management
  • Customer grouping
  • Custom fields
  • Catalogue subscription
  • Email subscription
  • Customer notes
  • New customer identifier
  • Multiple pricing levels
  • Customer-specific discounts
  • Location-based tax calculation
  • Tax ID
  • URL Referral History
  • Login attempts tracker
  • “Login as customer” option
Customer Self-Management Tools
  • Edit billing address
  • Edit email
  • Edit email preferences
  • Edit password
  • Edit shipping address
  • Edit credit card information
  • Save credit card information
  • Edit recurring payment information
  • Edit customer reviews
  • Request “forgot password” email
  • Print receipts
  • Cancel orders
  • Edit orders (if not locked)
  • Initiate return merchandise authorizations (RMAs)
  • View gift certificates/store credits
  • View orders
  • View wish list
  • View re-download link for digital products
Integrated Knowledge Base
  • Article review
  • Revision tracking

Trust your business to our best-in-class hosting technology.

Indentical Backup Datacenter
  • Identical architecture, hardware and systems
  • SAN-to-SAN data replication
  • Automatic datacenter failover system
  • Cross-country location with different locales
  • Independent power grids
  • BGP automatic network routing
Hosted Email
  • StrongMail load balanced mail server for outgoing mail
  • Multiple email accounts
  • Web-based access (Webmail)
  • POP and IMAP access
Enterprise Level IT Management
  • Dedicated IT team focused solely on system monitoring
  • Proven IT team with 75+ years combined experience
  • Proactive checks and monitoring for system health
  • Continuous IT planning to utilize industy best practices
  • Guaranteed 99.99% uptime SLA
  • First priority escalation and issue management
  • Certifications: Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Microsoft Certified Professional, Six Sigma, Compellent San Certified, HP Hardware Certified
Scalable, Powerful, Fast
  • HP Blade Servers with 3.0GHZ Quad Core Intel Xeon 64-Bit Processers and 32GB RAM
  • Highly modular design for seamless scalability
  • Dynamic block architecture for blazing fast disk access
  • Microsoft SQL 2005 64-Bit Servers
  • 64-bit processing for faster data access and management
  • Volusion CDN, powered by Akamai (content distribution network)
Continuous Reliability with Live Redundancy
  • 100% redundancy of all network hardware, systems and data
  • VMware high availability 64-bit clusters
  • Dynamic server resourcing for load balancing
  • Fault tolerant systems with automatic failover
  • Multiple industry leading storage area networks (SAN) by Compellent
  • Automatic daily data backups
  • Continuous hourly data backups
  • Dedicated network operations center (NOC) for round-the-clock network and systems monitoring
Exceptional Security for Your Growing Business
  • 100% PCI/CISP Certified
  • Numerous options for 128-bit SSL security
  • Dedicated web server for additional security
  • Dedicated, dual firewalls
  • Award-winning proactive hacker protection
  • Leading proactive anti-virus management
  • Secure and unmarked facility with 24x7 surveillance
  • Stringent information security, privacy and change management procedures
  • Independent audits of physical security
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