Design & Branding

Design & Branding

Because you get only once to make a first impression and we make sure it lasts
  • Develop your corporate identity
  • Design a corporate/ eCommerce website
  • Branding services to establish your presence
  • Multimedia solutions for everything else
We create your complete corporate image
It's not just about creating designs, we create your corporate personality.
Corporate identity Development
We don't have to stress enough the importance of establishing your corporate identity. Two very important parts make up your

corporate identity

- Logo and marketing material. We at iDeveloperSquare do

custom logo design

along with print media solutions like visiting cards, letterheads catalog and brochure design.
Website Designing
Whether you need a website to make you look good, or you need one to sell your goods, we are your people. With over 15 years of experience (we like to brag about that) in working with websites, we design and

redesign custom website templates

. Whether you need a corporate website or an

eCommerce website development

, we are your people.
Branding Services
Branding is not only about logo and the name, it is all about your story, your persona. Branding is creating an image in your consumer's mind that he immediately associates to when he comes across your name or logo. We create that persona. iDeveloperSquare has to offer brand creation and

brand development services

. Are you facing branding issues? Well, we can most definitely help you.
Multimedia Solution
There are many other aspects to building a company brand. There many other big and small jobs that require multimedia solutions like product design or 3D animation. You don't have to go designer hunting. We provide all

digital media solutions

and others such as 3D animation,

Flex catalog design

, product prototyping, product design and product videos.
Corporate Identity Design & Development 
It's not just about existing, it's about marking your presence.
Logo Design
Logo Design
Logo is the smallest and easiest way to establish your identity. A logo makes your customer associate with you instantly. Your logo can say a lot about your company. Needless to say, it is very important to get it right. We make

custom logo designs

for you that reflect an essence of you and establish a connection with your users, instantly.
Get a logo that defines you with us at iDeveloperSquare.
Print media solutions
Print media solutions
Office stationary is a very important part of any

corporate identity

. Visiting cards, letterheads, catalog and brochure design and many other things are an absolute necessity to establish yourself. Don't worry, we are here for you. Our designers take care of all the designing part of your official stationary. We provide all print media solutions.
We also provide

corporate web design services

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Get a FREE UX/UI site audit and find out what's bothering your users.
Engage your audience with designs that captivate on any screen
Do you know what makes a gorgeous website? One that’s both beautiful and efficient. Website design is all about blending aesthetics with performance. A website that is beautiful but really slow or doesn’t load properly on mobiles and tablets is of no use. We, at iDeveloperSquare unify beauty and performance to give you an absolutely stunning website.
Tailor-made to fit you perfectly
Each website is unique. We hate cookie-cutter solutions. Our creative designers and developers customize every element of your website, just the way you’d like it. Your website is made to order, exactly the way you want it to be, fully personalized.
Retina ready, high resolution designs
Another thing that is very important for a website to look good is the sharpness of the images and elements on the screen. If the get pixelated at higher or lower resolutions, it is real a big put off. With retina ready designs, we make sure that your website is high resolution ready. That means your website looks sharp on all devices, even when you zoom in.
Graphics that are fun and interactive
Websites are all about the experience they render and graphics are a very important part of that. Skilled in




, our developers can make your website interactive and fun. With loads of effects and interactive graphics your website will guarantee high UI/UX. 

Layouts that are Search Engine Optimized

Search Engine optimization

has a lot to do with relevance and User Experience. Higher the UI/UX design of a website, better the Search Engine Rank. The coding of a page also reflects its search engine rank. We ensure both are in perfect harmony to make search engines adore you.
Amazing user experience
Our main focus is your user, he is what this is all about. So, we ensure, your users have an amazing experience. We make your website fun and easy to navigate with interactive and clean designs. Your users will want to keep coming back for more. Do you need to redesign or upgrade your website? Well, you've come to the perfect place.
Elegant and timeless designs
Our designs are full of class. We understand the professionalism that has to be displayed in order to be taken seriously. Our talented and professional designers create your

website design

that is a perfect blend of classy and professional with a touch of elegance and timeless.
Not just responsive, it’s adaptive
Not just responsive, it’s adaptive
Don’t let screen size or the devices stop you. Stay brilliant even on small screens with responsive web designs and adaptive website designs.

Responsive web designs

are coded in such a way that they detect the screen size and resolution of the device and fit the design and content without compromising on the user experience. What

adaptive web designs

do is that they make the website touch responsive. That way, no matter the device, screen size or resolution, your website looks amazing and works fluently everywhere. Our responsive web design services make your website both adaptive and responsive.
Give your users a memorable experience
User experience goes a long way in converting users to customers. 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience. That's a huge number! We at iDeveloperSquare believe that your website should be created keeping the user in mind. We create wireframes and prototypes keeping

user experience design


user interface design

in mind.
It's time to convert your visitors to customers. Improve you UX design and UI design with our UX/UI development services.
Give your users a memorable experience
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Multimedia Solutions
Why go elsewhere for other miscellaneous corporate designing services?
Need to go 3D? Just tell us what you need and we can surely help you out.
Flex catalog
Why waste paper when you can go digital? We design & create
flex catalogs
for you.
Product design &
Need we say more? Avail our
product design
and prototyping services without having to go elsewhere.
Studies have shown that videos have a lasting impact on the human mind. Let us help you create videos for your products
It's not just a logo but an entire persona
Branding is a very crucial part of marketing. Creating brand includes very fine details. Name, logo, colors, punchlines and so many more things. Branding is much more than your logo. Strip out all the heavy jargons and  branding is pretty simple: Your brand is all the associations that come to mind when your potential customer sees or hears your name. All the thoughts, beliefs and reactions associated with your name or logo or even the prominent colors in your logo make up branding.

We, at iDeveloperSquare provide
brand creation services
. We engage in brand development, brand management, brand innovation and brand strategy to give you a complete
digital branding solution

Create a long lasting image in your consumer's mind. We aid you to become the brand they stay loyal to. All our branding services aim at boosting your brand loyalty and the association of your customers to your brand.
Let's Get Started
Let's Connect
Make a lasting impressions on your clients
Let's Get Started
Here's how we do it
Our secret recipe to perfection, revealed
The first cup of coffee
In the age of Facebook and Emails, we still prefer the old ‘sharing a cup of coffee’. While most details can be shared over the phone, a meeting in person will give us a sense of your company and convey exactly what you want in your design.
Gearing up
After we gather all the details about what it is that you are looking for, we plan. Timeline, budget, features, functions, everything. We want to make sure you are aware of how the road from here is going to look, and believe me, it’s going to be awesome.
Major brainstorming
We have an unlimited supply of coffee in our office and headphones that have an amazing sound quality, specially reserved for our creative designers. Keeping the requirements in mind, our designers (or as we call them, the art people) let their creative juices flow.
A picture comes to life
Once we have finalized the idea, we produce a graphical mock-up of how your site would look. Once we have your final nod, we are all set to go. Our in-house developers code your site to life and very soon, we are ready to deliver.                                        
It starts taking shape
After extensive brainstorming (and a huge unkept beard), we have for you a bunch of ideas and wireframes to choose from. Feel free to mix them together and come with a masterpiece of your own.
We party
Finally, the project is complete. You get your website and we get to make new friends. So, we celebrate.
What we don’t do...
  • We have a strong team of creative and hard-working designers that design your website from scratch. We don’t buy and modify templates to pass them off as our own creations. Our designers are very much our own and they are a bunch of very skilled craftsmen. We don’t outsource. You are important to us and we do nothing that will jeopardize your trust in us.
Why choose iDeveloperSquare?
  1. We are obsessed with quality. So, you get the best stuff.
  2. We believe that only handcrafted products are unique. Hence, no cookie-cutter business.
  3. We treat firms like people. No automated emails, we are constantly in touch.
  4. We hate to be out of fashion. Our designers and developers are both updated with the latest trends.
  5. We’ve got the whole package. It doesn’t end at designing. From developing to marketing, we are can do it all.
  6. We are basically awesome!
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