Why Idevelopersquare ?

In our relentless drive to deliver, we offer a wide range of ever-expanding e-commerce development services and solutions.
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How we help others achieve dramatic growth
Growth Focused

Read more about how others say, that Idevelopersquare is a true partner in getting their e-commerce presence up and running, and has been a pillar of reliability from the very beginning of their partnership.

Why others consider us a long-term partner

Trust & Transparency

Our goal is to keep you focused on growing your business while we worry about delivering the tools you need to become a technology leader. Whether you’re a startup or a growing company, we’re available for the long-term to maintain and extend your applications lifetime value and usefulness.

Our focus on meeting your business needs

Deliver for ROI

We know custom software isn’t cheap, but we also know growing companies that employ tailor-made solutions have a unique competitive edge in their market. Our goal at the end of each project is to have you up and running on your new system quickly so you can start seeing a return on your investment.

How we get every feature before deadline

Outcome Oriented

We start by coming to an agreement of how success will be measured. Then, we work to understand your current process, how people interact with the solve the problem(s) today and where the real opportunities exist. From there, we create a project plan that’s tied directly with your needs and fits into your unique processes or ways of thinking.

Better communication & technical knowledge
Top 1% Designers & Developers

We only hire the elite ecommerce experts. No hacker school newbies allowed. Our team has diverse experience working across multiple platforms and for clients as large as the Fortune 500. Our experienced team can foresee possible pitfalls, and identify unique opprtunities from the very beginning, of working.

Our agile team, responds & delivers quickly
Agile Results

We believe custom software isn’t just for the big guys. By building only what’s needed, you can affordably create custom-fit web and mobile applications that will enable your business to scale faster for years to come. We can build exactly what you need from scratch, takeover an existing code base, or even rescue a failed project from other vendors or freelancers.

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Kaz Bigus
Kaz Bigus
senior business development expert
I put aside a few hours every week to have one-on-one strategy phone calls with online business professionals such as you. No gimmicks. No sales pitches. Just a 45 min conversation with regards to your business where we are going to map out an approach for growing your conversion rates and increasing your company's revenue as well as profits.
I carry out a limited number of these kinds of sessions monthly, and they book up quickly. Locate a spot on my calendar by clicking below.
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